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why don't you try Zopiclone? I started using Zopiclone a couple of years ago when I was on a project in Europe. It is an effective and short-lasting medicine.

After I was transferred back to the States, I found out that Zopiclone was not available in US market yet. But, I've had some luck buying it from [url][/url] . I've tried pretty much every pharmacological solution, and zopiclone appears to very effective in both decreasing sleep latency and in increasing sleep duration (and doesn't loose its potency as quickly/noticeably as ambien or halcion).

let them know that you are referred by "mveronah", you might get some discount.


[QUOTE=SusanGene]I can't take Ambien. Two years ago my doc prescribed a bottle. I went right to sleep after just half a pill. For a while. Then I needed an entire 10mg to sleep and felt very groggy the whole next day. Right away I found I could Not go to sleep without it.
Very addictive for me.
I rotate various over the counter sleep meds to sleep; it works great but I hate the idea that I Have to do it. One I use is Benedryl (but it's not for insomnia, of course).


Susan Gene[/QUOTE]

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