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I have looked on many websites for discussions on this, then stopped because it didn't cause much worry, but only recently am I trying to find help, which is hard to find. I post and post and nobody seems to have any answers. It is a very big concern of mine. I have many anxiety issues, I developed borderline personality disorder, and also suffer from general anxiety, all stemming from childhood. I have also rocked myself to sleep since I could remember. (Which I don't remember much below age 12). I am currently 18, and never had a problem coping with my RMD as it was harmless and all around soothing. Even in public or talking about something I was uncomfortable with I would subtly rock(Didn't even know till bf pointed it out) But I am now currently 17 weeks pregnant. I had no trouble sleeping during the first trimester as I was tired all the time, but now I'm having troubles sleeping and I'm afraid my RMD will cause harm to the baby, as I am aggressively rocking my whole body from head to toe back and forth for literally hours. I'd wake up with knots in my hair from it. My boyfriend would be able to wake me up too and stop me as I do it subconsciously, but he now sleeps through it. But I have woken up twice from it, and it really worries me that it will harm my little angel. It generally when I have nightmares(Which I do almost every night or I just don't dream)..or when I am stressed I believe. I really don't know much about it but I will be talking to my doctor about it (but I'm sure she will just tell me to find coping methods), but I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with this and what their first hand experiences were & how they coped with it because counseling and meds are something that haven't helped and I really can't or want to take any medication now as I want my baby to be as healthy as possible. So any advice would be much appreciated(:
[QUOTE=preggoinsomniac;5225596].... wondering if anyone has had to deal with this and what their first hand experiences were & how they coped with it ...[/QUOTE]I've not had a 'rocking' problem, but one or two other physical habits (eg. sharp head twisting, more for distracting myself then as a comforting routine though it's comforting too for me) have been helpfully distracting when feeling 'edgy', so it may be a similar type of thing. I think such 'acting out' is largely an anxiety thing (something I've been treated for at times with meds, counselling's not been much help, as well as often working at homecare approaches such as a good diet, quiet meditative breaks during the day, and 'calming routines' such as tackling really, really easy puzzle books).

But in the absence of strongish meds, since this has been pretty much a lifelong habit I think homecare efforts to reduce your anxiety levels enough may not be enough and you may retain an urge to continue rocking to relax yourself at times.

So I'd be thinking maybe 'substitution' could be of help (it can be easier to 'drop' a habit if we simply 'change' a habit to something better, which helps divert our attention away from the missing routine). eg. Instead of rocking, you could see if say, squeezing a soft or medium soft rubber ball, or stroking a stuffy, could with diligent practice at substituting (while you're awake and feeling the urge) would come to give you the same sort of tension release that rocking does.

But if you feel there's just no way to retrain yourself, since your boyfriend's not being woken up by this so much now, maybe there's some way to rig a motion 'alarm' of some sort that would wake you up when you're doing it. Perhaps rocking would not be all that risky during pregnancy anyway? (have you asked your doctor about it?)


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