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Hello, this is my first post. I will tell you my story. I have sleep problems for the past 5 years.

5 years ago, i had this weird high pitched sound from my ears. i can hear it. I was having sleepless nights because of the sound im hearing from my ears. i went to the doctor and i was diagnosed of having tinnitus. i still can't sleep because i am very conscious of what i hear. until one day, i nearly collapsed because i lacked enough sleep. i was admitted on that same day. i can feel a slight pulsating pain on my right head. it was like migraine. i was given gingko biloba capsules to treat my tinnitus. i felt some relief.

however, i started to experience this weird involuntary swallowing. this terrified me. my jaws would clench on its own making a "tok" sound. sometimes i do swallow involuntarily! my ears will make this "click" sound because i swallow.

additionally, my legs started to jerk on its own. whats happening to me? if not my legs, my arms will just move on its own briefly. it all happens when i am trying to sleep! i spent 5 days in the hospital. i was diagnosed with depression / anxiety. i was given cymbalta and lexapro and clonazepam (klonopin). it gave me temporary relief. i just don't understand why am i taking this drugs when I am so young, so i discontinued it after i felt way better. before taking those drugs, i felt sad and dying. everyday i think about doom before me. i didnt enjoy life that time. i think those drugs helped me feel better but i dont want to become dependent on those drugs. I discontinued it.

since then, i have constant battle when trying to get sleep. one day, i underwent sleep study. i was diagnosed with RLS (restless legs syndrome). why RLS? my arms move, my jaw moves, even my neck moves on its own when trying to get some sleep! i was not satisfied with the diagnosis.

i started to accept and live life like this. there are times when i get a good night sleep. no jerks or whatsoever. my longest record of not having these sleep problems was about 3 months. then it will just appear again. it's like a cycle. it can trigger depression but i am fighting it on my own without medicines. sometimes its just minor. i can sleep withing 20mins. but when major episodes strike, i need about 4hours to 6hours before i can fall asleep!

its been 4 years. i just dont know what happened to me. it is so sudden. sometimes i am afraid to sleep because i know its going to happen. and it will most of the time. even naps, my twitching happens.

once i am asleep, i have no trouble sleeping. i can sleep more than 8 hours a day straight and i feel refreshed when waking up.

bottomline, all my problems exist just when i am about to fall asleep which wakes me up and its annoying.

to summarize,

1. random jerks or twitch (arms, shoulder, legs, sometimes the neck, whole body) happens about 3 to 10 times a night just before going to fall asleep.
2. involuntary swallowing (i can hear my ears pop and i can feel my throat swallow)
3. sometimes i act out what i am "thinking" just before falling asleep. like when i say "NO" in my dreams, my head shakes. its like a dream but i am still awake (do dreams occur in stage 1 sleep?).

after having countless research, i still could not find whats wrong with me. the closest i think is PLMD.

can somebody help me? thanks.

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