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My boyfriend will hit the snooze button from 6am to almost 9am during the week (including the alarm on his phone) because "its so hard for him to get up."

I just dont understand.. when my alarm goes off, I get up right away!

He says he is so delirious when he wakes up the first time, that theres no way he could function by getting up on the first alarm. So by waking up 20 different times, he "slowly wakes up" and can manage to get out of bed. Its starting to **** me off and I dont know what to do about it!

Any of you have an idea why or any suggestions? Im sick of laying in bed for 2 to 3 hours hearing his alarm every 9 freakin minutes!

Also, he apparently gets extremely tired after eating and has fallen asleep numerous times at his desk at work. He never does that at his desk at home after dinner, though.

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