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partly for myself, needing some pep talk, partly for others needing some pep talk -

first took ambien for two years - quit cold turkey without any symptoms other than excessive extraversion (of which of course i was not aware at the time but which became a source of embarassment in retrospect) - and, FYI, i quit it by getting up at 6 AM and go volunteer working in a garden at 7 AM

a year later in a stressful period of my life i started taking it again, as it had been so easy to get off it the first time i didn't question it - two years later stress in my life continued, ambien at three pills per night had lost it effect, doctor prescribed ativan to go together with the ambien - i didn't research it and assumed it wouldn't be a problem to get off it when time was right - message to myself and to you: NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING AND DO NOT TRUST YOUR DOCTOR

two years later, at 3 ativans and 3 ambiens a night, giving bad sleep and bad side effects, i wanted to quit - 'just stop taking them', the doctor said

The heck with the doctors, the heck with the pharmaceutical industry

it took me a year to get off them, a horrible, wasted year

the last three months i switched to 10 mg of diazepam and gradually tapered, a slotuion found by googling, not thanks to my doctor - i tried to follow the ashton manual, but did it in a bumpy way (10-7-5-4-3-7-2-5-2 etc)

now four days off anything, sleeping 2-4 hours per night, but that's the way it has been anyway the past 6 months, and going through intense states of gloom, but this gloom is a more bearable state of gloom than the state of gloom and stress i had the last year and a half on ativan and ambient

thus far i have no other side effects than insomnia and gloom and a numb hand - i will be happy to report that's it - but it's horrible enough


if ever i become a billionaire, i'll pay a lobby to stop this medication (apart from for people who know they are going to die)

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