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... th the med. I now fall asleep fairly quickly but I only sleep about 3 or at the most 4 hours, usually in short spurts. I will sleep about 2 hours or so initially and then off and on in little 15 minute spurts the rest of the night. I fall asleep about 10 and am awake about 3 am for the rest of the night. I am so tired. ... (10 replies)
... Gas, Bloated, Nausea, and Cramps. Almost debilitating cramps. ... (0 replies)
... rage episodes, and I had to wean off of it. Some people have reported some really severe withdrawal when they tried to get off the Klonopin. ... (5 replies)

... Ambien CR....and believe me, I know depression, and the lack of sleep can make the depression much much worse.... ... (11 replies)
Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 27, 2007
... e sleepiness like I've never felt before. Obviously drug induced. I was warned about this when it was prescribed, so be careful. I'm glad you are doing well with ambien cr. It works for me, but I wake up very agitated and fearful, full of anxiety. Taking klonopin seems to eventually cure this. But my mornings are terrible... ... (13 replies)
... If I stop the Effexor, will I be able to sleep or will I be more "depressed" and sleep even less? ... (13 replies)
... sweetsallysue, people on the depression board are having the SAME problem! Someone has to have an answer sooner or later...hopefully! ... (4 replies)
... Hi, everyone. Ambien CR puts me to sleep...puts me to sleep for 4 hours, but does not keep me to sleep as promised. ... (4 replies)
Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 21, 2007
... thyroid supplements. I suppose the obvious answer is that the ambien does not agree with one of these meds, however I've told my doc this and he does not see any connection. Maybe he's just not very knowledgeable... ... (13 replies)
... depressant but I know a couple of people who have and I've studied a lot about them after contemplating trying one. ... (13 replies)
... Jim, I don't have any suggestions as to the meds...but I would suggest you find out if you have a sleeping disorder (perhaps obstrutive sleep apnea). Sleep problems that come and go may be "aggravated" by one's environment (stress, family issues, alcohol, etc) but sometimes the actual "cause" is a sleep disorder. People who experience depression, acid reflux, anxiety... (7 replies)
Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 21, 2007
... I dont take Ambein CR, but I do take regular Ambein and have now for about 6 months off and on (mainly on). I submitted a thread about a week and a half ago asking if anyone has experienced depression the next day/ plus feeling somewhat anxious, (now that you mention it) when taking Ambein. It seems to settle down towards the evening before I take my night time dose. I know... (13 replies)
... Anyway, my ENT doctor gave me 12.5MG of Ambien CR to use during my next sleep study. ... (1 replies)
... on occasion and it does the trick for me when I'm having a sleepless night. I sleep well and feel no hangover effects the next day which I did experience when trying Ambien CR. ... (3 replies)
... I tried Ambien a while back and it did help me sleep but left me groggy during the day. ... (13 replies)
... I am very tired all of the time. I never feel rested and I am not sure what to do. ... (5 replies)
... Antihistamine is kid's play compared to the more potent and fast acting sleep medication... ... (11 replies)
Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 27, 2007
... your medical hx so I have no idea what came first, the pain, insomnia, depression, or anxiety. But I do know that sleep disorders can cause depression, anxiety, and insomnia and if the sleep disorder is treated, these symptoms can diminish or disappear. ... (13 replies)
... place that caused stress. I would stay awake all night, play on the computer, read etc. Of course after a week of that I began getting very drowsy during the day and detached from everything. Let another week go by of no...and I mean NO sleep and saw my dr. He gave me ambien. ... (0 replies)
... I have suffered from insomnia on and off for the past five years. I underwent two sleep studies to evaluate any sleep disorders that may be contributing. ... (0 replies)

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