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... So I find myself in a rather desperate state to find some information and I'm hoping I'll find some advice here. I've been on Ambien for about 10 years, and Ambien CR for probably well over 5 of that 10. I'm on the 12. ... (0 replies)
Ambien help
Sep 23, 2005
... I agree to the last post. STAY AWAY FROM AMBIEN AND BENZOS!!!! Ask for another solution. I got addicted to both ambien and klonopin but I think ambien more. When I tried to ween off both I am now having severe anxiety. I was only taking a quarter of .5 of the klonopin and maybe 2. ... (7 replies)
... If you only took it one night, are you sure the anxiety and restlessness are from Ambien? ... (13 replies)

... Vent any time. Get it out. I had a friend in high school with an inoperable brain tumor.. The did all the meds and it seemed like forever, when it was just our Jr and Sr years. He went into remission. Anyway he had the same issues with his drugs.. pain, aches, and mental funk made sleeping nigh impossible. So he did sleep aids. He would use them Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,... (11 replies)
... Hi all..Im sure I know why I have insomnia..its from medication that I take..the problem is that it is cancer medication, and I need to continue it for 10 more months..a total of 5yrs.. ... (11 replies)
... years, and developed a tolerance from one tablet for insomnia, over time, to 6 x 300 mg. ... (10 replies)
... Hello all, I have been on Lunesta for about 8 months now. The doctor upped my dosage from 2mg to 3 mg last month when I told him I was no longer getting to sleep with the med. ... (10 replies)
... Hi all. I've recently tapered off of Ambien this last week. ... (5 replies)
... years, oh my. I'm so sorry. So this can go on forever then. Sounds like we all got go sleep hygiene. Ambien does work. But if you get waken up in a hour after you go to sleep. Then your stuck the rest of the night. Awake! Yuck! ... (13 replies)
... (10 replies)
... f my adult life and he was providing a diagnosis. His answer....I was not getting enough deep sleep which was causing all my issues. He prescribed me 20mgs of Ambien per night with 25mg of Seroquel. He told me that I should take it every night and never skip it. ... (10 replies)
Ambien help
Sep 22, 2005
... days at the detox center, I met a lot of people who were in for abuse of benzos and they couldn't sleep either. You are not alone. But you must seek treatment from an addiction specialist. My psychiatrist had no idea that Depakote could get me off the Xanax that fast. ... (7 replies)
... In short, I too get the weird effects from Ambien. I dont mind them tho. ... (9 replies)
... ng I was definitely depressed. Sleeplessness and depression go hand in hand. The big question a lot of the time is which is causing which. Anybody who's suffered from bad insomnia knows what I'm talking about. It just totally wrecks you. ... (13 replies)
... ive been taking ambien for about 5 months now and i honestly dont know what i would do without it! ... (8 replies)
... my shrink has prescribed me seroquel (25mg) for sleep, and it's worked a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y! it's an atypical antipsychotic, and the usual dose range for people with those types of afflictions is upwards of 400mg/day. it's an 'offlabel' type of prescription for insomnia. i told my dad about it (also a doctor), and he has also used it for patients with bad insomnia with... (11 replies)
... I too have constant anxiety attacks when I try to sleep and cant.. ... (11 replies)
... allowed to function well instead of feeling crummy the last years of his life. Makes no sense. That said I don't think that taking any sleeping pill every night from an early age is a good thing. I can't take Benedryl, never could. My friends take Tylenol PM but because of my lungs I can't take it either so I am stuck. ... (8 replies)
Anxiety and sleep
Feb 10, 2006
... I tried Ambien and Lunesta, neither of which worked at all. My doctor finally prescribed the Clonezepam. That really helped. ... (3 replies)
Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 26, 2007
... MNF & beth - thanks for the input. I am on neurontin also for pain management, so there could be a correlation there. Actually neurontin acts as a mood stabilizer, according to my doc, so it should help with the anxiety. I am boosting that up from 1800 to 2400/day so I hope this helps. Only take small doses of klonopin, but it seems to be helpful. I've never had any... (13 replies)

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