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... does not show any sleep apnea but I did not sleep very much during the test. But he said I need to pass a overnight test again at the hospital but this time with CPAP machine or maybe a equipment for my Jaw. Apparently it is my Jaw that is the problem with my breathing. ... (3 replies)
Cpap machine?
Mar 18, 2004
... I've had my CPAP machine for 6 weeks now. I still cant sleep. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all, I have sleep apnea and have a CPAP machine. ... (2 replies)

... expect a CPAP machine to be prescribed. ... (4 replies)
Cpap vs surgery
Apr 4, 2012
... I have been using a cpap machine for 2 months now. ... (8 replies)
... Me, I think anything is possible! But the first thing I would check is your filters...I don't know what kind of machine you have, but my machine comes with TWO filters... ... (2 replies)
... cpap machine since august of 2003. the dry, icky eyes were a major pain for me eye dr about had a fit and said that i needed to call and get a mask change right away. ... (4 replies)
CPAP mask leak
Dec 26, 2006
... There is a CPAP device called "nasal pillows" that are two little tubes you fit into your nostrils instead of wearing a mask, and has no leaking problems. ... (9 replies)
... hed all night long down the back of your throat and into the tummy. Some severe cases wake nauseous after a night of this.. My ENT ask me how I was doing on my CPAP and then laughed and told me his cure all.. since October of last year it has worked wonders for me. ... (3 replies)
Jan 19, 2014
... I am also so starved for sleep and I will use mine when I get it Tuesday, I promise you that. When I slept at the Sleep STudy Clinic and used there cpap machine, well that was the best night sleep I'd had in probably 25 years. I can hardly wait and I'm So extremely excited to get my own cpap Tuesday.. ... (13 replies)
... I am on week 6 of my CPAP machine. It takes at least a month to notice an improvement. ... (6 replies)
... dical issues, here we dont, so what im getting at is i was told the number of apneas and that not using vpap i would die...scary thought when you hear it, but my machine was set by the respiritory consultant..and when i visit him each 3 months he adjusts it to i dont know about 3rd stage sleep im afraid.. ... (15 replies)
Starting CPAP
Jan 29, 2008
... On the good side, I am definitely getting more sleep. Unfortunatly, not continuous sleep, but a lot more than I was getting before the CPAP machine! Thanks much for your encouragement. I will keep you all posted as situations warrant. ... (15 replies)
... I have found that I cannot sleep, even with the CPAP machine, if I am not tired. ... (27 replies)
... ok, sounds like humidifier is the way to go. I like the idea of that Nasal Aire II - I was thinking I would have to sleep fully on my back - which isn't good with my stomach issues (maybe MY handle should be 99 problems). What is a BiCPAP versus a CPAP? I don't have the sleep study results yet, but I'm hoping to ask around ahead, so I don't get roped into something I... (4 replies)
... d make me feel so much more rested. I hope to be able to wear it eventually, maybe with the heater and if the pulminologist will order the pressure reduced some. Best of luck to you with yours. Maybe we'll eventually be able to tolerate it. ... (15 replies)
... I like the nasal mask best. Just be careful of air leaks around the eyes and be prepared for a little bit of facial/sinus/teeth soreness at first because of the pressure points from where it rests on your face. One more word of warning. ;) Get used to being called darth vader (try saying "luke I am your father" while wearing the mask with air coming through your nose at... (9 replies)
... Hi Mim, Sorry to hear about your apnea diagnosis. Its important to find out whether you have central, obstructive or mixed apnea. Both myself and my 10y.o. have obstructive sleep apnea. I use a c-pap. There are many pros and cons to using it but the benefits greatly outweigh any of the cons. Its a big adjustment to learn how to sleep with a mask strapped to... (9 replies)
... I am Hypo also. I have moderate OSA and got my machine 10 days ago. The machines are mostly the same, just be sure to get one with a humidifier built in. I am trying the Innomed Nasal Aire II mask. ... (4 replies)
... 7 l/m Make sure that you use a humidifier with it as 7 l/m will dry you ourt good. (the humidifier such as a bubble humidifier is an attatcmnet to the machine). There are different padded simple masks that are available, you just have to find one you like good luck (4 replies)

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