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... I read up on sadhana to understand better. But how can my particular brain explosions be the same as in sadhana if I'm not a practicing "sadhanaist"? ... (34 replies)
... What do you mean by "spiritual seekers of God"? Someone who is not into religion, per se, but a spiritual believer? Someone who believes in ghosts all around us? Someone who is praying to God for help? Thank you for your reply...can you please elaborate more? Val (34 replies)
... Brain explosions are one of many symptoms experienced byspiritual seekers of God. We are all seekers on various paths to return to our source. These are not to be feared. ... (34 replies)

Jan 29, 2006
... om was all distorted. Within in a few seconds, everything returned to normal. I got out of bed and looked in the bathroom mirror. I thought I had had a stroke or brain aneurysm. ... (34 replies)
... I saw the brightest white light in my sleep a few nights ago, it was almost blinding. It flashed for a second. Is this part of God, too? (34 replies)
... Val, everyone in their own way, is on a spiritual path whether knowingly or not. Since the goal of each lifetime is to reunite with the source, God will help you along the way with certain experiences. Your previous lifetimes may have generated the merit of these explosions. Be happy....dick (34 replies)
Mar 31, 2006
... then the explosions come. ... (34 replies)
Jan 12, 2006
... Went to see my neurologist today and my EEG turned out NORMAL! The explosions have stopped since I quit the alcohol. ... (34 replies)
Jan 26, 2006
... that my brain was still "firing" at a high rate as my body slowed and it my brain would surge in activity which resulted in a bright light or loud bang. Obviously this was not actually occuring, just a neurological "twang". ... (34 replies)
Brain Zaps
Jan 14, 2006
... Did you read my thread titled "Brain EXPLOSIONS!"?? Mine happen during the night, however, while I'm sleeping. They stopped about a month ago after I stopped the alcohol, but unfortunately, I had one just LAST NIGHT! So now I don't know what to think! Newsome and PKF: Male or Female?? (6 replies)
Aug 21, 2006
... bumping this to the front due to recent inquiries......... Val (34 replies)
... Hey--wow i've had this too. haha never thought to bring it up with anyone as i didn't know how exactly to go about it. For me I'll be sleeping a hear a LOUD bang/ differs from time to time. I have absolutely no idea why and see no direct correlation with stress/anxiety/depression ect... Although i do suffer from anxiety and depression...? -- but not all you guys... (34 replies)
... Peace and happiness are the result of detachment. Do not be attached to people ,places or things for everything and everyone is transitory. Where are those to whom you were attached in previous lifetimes today? Do your duty as your responsibilities dictate. We all have an obligation to love all and serve all with no expectation of recognition or reward. Worldly happiness... (34 replies)
... Based on this "merit," what's in store for me next? Happy, happy, happy?? :) (34 replies)
... Yes, in essence, all of nature and all activities are the result of this drama created by God for His entertainment. The light is His light as well as yours for you are a child of immortality. (34 replies)
... I thought so too. I quit drinking for a month and then it happened again. But I do admit my sleeping during that time was blissful! :) (34 replies)
... The title of this thread caught my attention. I didn't know there was an actual clinical name for it. I've had them every once in a while throughout my life. I don't remember seeing any light when it happened to me, but I did hear a loud bang and felt a strong jolt in my head. I always assumed it was just another part of sleep paralysis, something else that happens to me... (34 replies)
... Val, please see my edited version of my comments. We are all on a journey from our source (God) to experience our Divinity. Really speaking, there is nothing in the universe which is not God. God created the universe to experience Himself and all energy, all matter is imbued with God's subtle energy....Dick (34 replies)
Apr 17, 2006
... I have the same thing....I will be almost asleep then the "bang" goes off in my head then I 'm an instant panic will do it all night long...I do believe it is stressed induced...or underlying anxiety....but right now I feel hopeless when it happens . Sometimes I take xanax (which was perscribed for me after my injury to my foot) and Tylenol P.M. together just to... (34 replies)
Apr 17, 2006
... I have them now and it prevents me from sleeping ....I do believe it is anxiety and i do have panic attacks with them...I can't fall asleep all night because of's driving me nuts (34 replies)

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