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Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 20, 2007
... I can't take Ambien CR. It gave me anxiety and panic attacks, not in the morning, but after taking the Ambien, plus I didn't sleep that great on it, maybe 3 hours total. ... (13 replies)
Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 27, 2007
... Yes, neurontin can make one sleepy. ... (13 replies)
Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 27, 2007
... I have no knowledge of your medical hx so I have no idea what came first, the pain, insomnia, depression, or anxiety. But I do know that sleep disorders can cause depression, anxiety, and insomnia and if the sleep disorder is treated, these symptoms can diminish or disappear. ... (13 replies)

Ambien help
Sep 22, 2005
... I can appreciate all of the problems addressed here. ... (7 replies)
... What a surprise! It's worse when I wake after a lousy night of sleep, have my coffee and get ready to start my day. I've had physical anxiety symptoms before but nothing that chronically affects my breathing. It's like someone is sitting on my chest. I don't seem to be hyperventilating either. ... (3 replies)
... I am taking ambien CR with clonazepam and a bendryl.....only sort of works....lunesta didn't work for me either.... ... (3 replies)
... I also have anxiety bad. He don't care. All he cares about is my lortabs. Lunsta, ambien, sonata, rozerem, does not work. Dalmane, Halsion, restoril, and ativan, all benzos work. ... (8 replies)
... of the time it put me to sleep but I woke up within the hour. Then moved to ambien CR. ... (0 replies)
... Hello Biblo, I like your wifes saying " sometimes we don't want to be fixed just heard". Insomnia is a tricky beast. Boy that is for sure isn't it. Like yourself I had some insomnia when I was a child and up till now. Also I learn to live with it and take it as it comes. Not always a bowl full of cherries ya know. I have not read all the other posts on your thread... (52 replies)
... Insomnia is a tricky beast. Sure, sometimes its Anxiety but I also have had problems sleeping when I have been completely fine. Sometimes the wheels spin even in good times. ... (52 replies)
Lunesta hang-up?
Apr 9, 2005
... I tried to get my psych to start a study of ambien for pain management. If there only wasn't an amnesia issue it would have been a miracle drug for me. ... (32 replies)
... What can I say about this other than it seems the fact that Zoloft and other SSRi's can cause insomnia seems to be generally ignored by the medical community. ... (20 replies)
Sleep /help
Mar 8, 2006
... I wish I had an easy answer. I think yes, it can be beaten but it is so very hard that the only way is in extremely favorable conditions...of which most people don't have. ... (7 replies)
... mg for sleep for 2 yrs now, and has been working great, although weight gain is a problem. It doesnt knock you out like ambien, and you sleep longer with it. It can make you groggy in the morning, due to its long half life, so someone suffering from sleep problems with anxiety, its a good medication. ... (2 replies)
... all of which cause drowsiness, plus others and bed time and i still can't sleep at night. a 10mg dose of ambien itself should knock me out for hours. as it is, i take 20mg and several hours later i'm still wide awake. ... (9 replies)
... I've suffered with insomnia since I was a kid. Eight years ago I was put on Ambien 10mg and 15mg for the past four years. I have a drink before bed, too. I sleep seven or eight hours but still feel bad during the day. ... (3 replies)
... I still NEVER feel refreshed. Hopefully I can gain the courage to try ambien and it will be life changing!! I am so sick of being tired all of the time. ... (5 replies)
Jul 8, 2006
... I can't sleep no matter what I do. If I have to much caffeine in one day I don't sleep at all, to much anxiety no sleep. I have been off and on Ambien for a while but I really just want to get some natural sleep. I know sometimes when I do sleep it is just to a dream faze, nothing more, no deep sleep. ... (23 replies)
Sleep /help
Mar 5, 2006
... but I did it. Even some years later, I still have sleep issues but yes, I can sleep seems like a miracle because I couldn't even get sleep on the Ativan at the worst point for several nights at a time! ... (7 replies)
Sleep /help
Mar 4, 2006
... Which sounds scary, but it's simply an alternativ eto Valerian. They are widely used in Europe as a sleep aid. IF you think anxiety is a contributing factor, then breathing exercises and yoga can really help and other such things. ... (7 replies)

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