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... I have read several other posts about CPAP users still being tired. I have been using my CPAP for 8 months now, and I still feel fatigued most of the time. Every once in a while, I will feel extremely exhausted, like I could close my eyes and fall asleep anywhere, anytime. ... (1 replies)
... but I'm still tired constantly...I've been going through periods of extreme insomnia where I won't sleep for up to 2. ... (12 replies)
... ittle over 2 years I've been seeing a sleep doc. When I first saw him I was told after a sleep study I had severe sleep apnea due to a small airway. He gave me a cpap machine and it took about a week or two but was feeling like I was 18 again. I felt rested when waking, full of energy all day,etc which I didn't have before. ... (1 replies)

Tired Constantly
May 8, 2007
... Your problem sounds exactly like mine, and for me, it started about age 13 or 14 as well. I'm 28 now and still don't have a solution to it. I have gained a lot of weight since I started having this problem and I eat a lot more. ... (10 replies)
Cpap vs surgery
Apr 4, 2012
... I have been using a cpap machine for 2 months now. ... (8 replies)
... i was wondering if you are having trouble with the cpap? Do you put it on and after a little while panic? When you have it on and open your mouth do you feel the air comming back out your mouth? If so you might have a deviated septum that needs fixed before you can get proper use of the cpap. That is what my problem was and it took me 2 years to find the answer. (12 replies)
... me. For about 1.5 years I have been extreamly tired. I sleep all the time and not matter how much I sleep, I'm still tired. Anyways I just got my cpap machine 3 days ago. I HATE IT!!!!!!! I have to say I have gotten way less sleep since I've had it. ... (15 replies)
... Although sleep deprivation can cause memory problems as well as mood problems, you are still experiencing these problems despite cpap treatment which suggests that your problems with sleep may not be "sleep" related. ... (12 replies)
... you really need to find a doctor who specializes in fatigue or who is willing to look at other possiblities for your fatigue. I also have mild apnea. I tried the cpap machine and I never felt better using it. I even tried a dental mouthpiece for apnea and that never made me feel better either. ... (1 replies)
... Yes, that's a good point....5 is relatively low. I'm afraid that I almost assume everyone has the correct pressures because I use an auto pap which adjusts to my breathing...I range from 7 on up to 13 but I don't have to change the settings on my machine at all. Also, I have a smart card in my machine so my doctors know if my pressures need to be adjusted outside of my... (12 replies)
... My cpap is set at 13.0 which is alot of air i was told that the highest they can be set is 20.0. A setting of 5.0 doesn't sound like much air though. ... (12 replies)
... I have no personal experience with deviated septums and cpap no comment there. ... (12 replies)
... of the water each night...still tired every day. ... (14 replies)
New using CPAP
May 28, 2007
... m still very tired and still take at least one nap a day in which I even wake up more tired. ... (2 replies)
Too much sleep...
Jul 11, 2005
... hours and still tired, waking up many times per night to urinate. Finally had a sleep study done which showed mild sleep apnea. That was back in November of last year. ... (1 replies)
More tired on CPAP
Jun 28, 2004
... It could be that your mask is too uncomfortable and is a distraction from your sleep. Some people adapt to CPAP right away and feel immediate results and some people don't. Personally, it took me a month and about 6 masks for me to get comfortable using it. ... (2 replies)
CPAP noise!!
Jun 20, 2005
... I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a CPAP machine since the middle of March. I started with the mask that goes over the nose. I have no problems using the CPAP and feel much better when I do. ... (16 replies)
... the one that fits over my nose size p. That's the smallest one they make. I adjust the mask quite a bit because it is so close to my mouth, almost on my lip. I still faithfully use it every night. It isn't that I'm not tired because I am. ... (1 replies)
Dec 6, 2006
... uld continual open his mouth to snore and whoosh.. gurgle... hack. All that pressurized air would come out in the most aweful sounding manner. He would wake up tired and sore, with the worst case of dry mouth and a sore throat. He went back to a full face mask, because otherwise he was seeing no benefit to the CPAP at all. ... (2 replies)
More tired on CPAP
Jun 27, 2004
... Been on CPAP for 2 months now. From what I've read everyone feels better on it or can't use it and still feels tired but the same, not worse. I've felt twice as bad since the first time with no improvement after 2 months. Has anyone else felt worse? ... (2 replies)

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