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... Does Melatonin work well? ... (6 replies)
... Where I live, melatonin is over the counter. I have never had any problems with side effects, ever, up to 15mg. ... (11 replies)
... If 3 mg isn't working for you... take it down to 2mg.. Sounds funny but.. if you already have high doses of melatonin in the brain then it won't help you settle down.. Melatonin is a fast acting supplement.. so it should work like the same night.. ... (3 replies)

... During this time, I have found no correlation between melatonin consumption and blood pressure. I am only one example though, so it is always wise to use caution. ... (11 replies)
... low blood pressure boards because some people there were touting melatonin as a means of reducing hypertension. When I researched there was some evidence that suggested melatonin may elevate blood pressure. ... (11 replies)
... I've personally used from 4 to 12 mg's of melatonin and the effects varies for me. I haven't found much of a direct correlation between the melatonin or being able to sleep but I'm just one person, like you said. It did however make me tired if I recall correctly. I haven't taken it in years though. ... (11 replies)
... Melatonin did not work for me it did work for one of my relatives though so I guess you never know till you try what works for you or doesn't. ... (6 replies)
... I started looking into it and researching its properties and it sounds pretty good. Does it work? ... (9 replies)
... My son was prescribed melatonin by his pediatrician and it calmed him down before bedtime.I've taken it also but 2 tablets and it sure does work.I don't wake up hangoverish.What I think melatonin is supposed to do is help the brain settle down for bed and makes you not think. ... (3 replies)
... I found some good information on melatonin on Wikipedia. ... (11 replies)
... melatonin works, i love it (11 replies)
... how does it work? ... (6 replies)
... It worked for me, but I took the very smallest amount and still had problems. I would sleep like a baby, but in the mornings I would have trouble breathing, and it felt like an a small anvil was on my chest. Wish I could've continued taking it because this was the ONLY thing that worked for my insomnia. Hope it works for you, if you decide to try it. (11 replies)
... I live in the Netherlands and, unlike in the US, here you need a prescription to get melatonine. Does melatonine really work? ... (11 replies)
... I have tried taking just the Trazadone or just the Clonazepam and it does not work. I have also tried lowering the dose and same results. ... (8 replies)
... Littlesadone, Thank you for sharing this with us. Personally, I don't put much stock in "Sleep Hygiene", the category which "regular sleep hours" falls into. If everyone with poor sleep habits had sleep problems it would hold more credibility with me but I know that many people keep an irregular/irratic sleep hours but do not have problems falling to sleep! In my... (6 replies)
... No I do not take a sleep aide, but i am thinking about trying melatonin after digging about a bit more. Right now I just use my CPAP for my severe sleep apnea. Like my son and husband do as well. Just curious here.. ... (14 replies)
... Stick to the melatonin and experiment with the dosage and timing. You may need more or less mg than what you have tried. Try the melatonin before bed, an hour or so before, or early on at around 5pm. Also, try different forms, such as sublingual or slow release melatonin. ... (2 replies)
... I am checking it out. My husband is now a light sleeper and I'm wondering if melatonin would help him sleep more deeply. ... (7 replies)
... t wake up till late again. From what I have read about Melatonin its good for people with jet lag and setting their clocks back to normal, so maybe this is the right thing for me? ... (7 replies)

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