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... Does anyone know if elavil and diphenhydramine taken together can cause insomnia? ... (5 replies)
... I also take 100 mg of Elavil and was working okay until I started back to work? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the Kind words. No better place to find advice about insomnia then a sleep disorder forum in the middle of the night, lol. ... (52 replies)

... suggested I try a very lose dosage of elavil before bed. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone,I suffered from insomnia for about 20 years up till 6 years ago I got started on Elavil and it helped alot but for the past week It takes me hours to fall asleep even with the Elavil and taking my Klonopin early before bedtime but for the past few nights after tossing and turning for a few hours I get really hot all over,not sweaty but just hot and the room is nice... (5 replies)
... I take 100mg of Elavil every night at bedtime and I have a good night's sleep. ... (3 replies)
... The Elavil worked fine for me at first but then I built up a tolerance. ... (6 replies)
May 28, 2008
... very careful about anything I take. A recent problem that required pain meds has been difficult to treat because many of the NSAIDs that I tried would cause my insomnia to flare up. ... (15 replies)
... before bedtime. However, I gained a great deal of weight over the course of taking this medication and it is one of the reasons I discontinued it. However, my insomnia was resistant to nearly every other medication and this was a Godsend for me at the time. ... (14 replies)
... I have fibromyalgia also, as well as other pain conditions that go along with it. It's so frustrating. I take Lyrica for it and it helps a lot. I'm taking Elavil for vulvodynia and IC pain. I also just started to take Klonopin to help sleep and relax my muscles. I'm going to alternate that with my Xanax as needed. ... (14 replies)
... Hi Crystal, I have so many ailments that it's hard for me to know which ones contribute to the aid of my sleep, but specifically, I take Ambien CR, Promethazine (generic Phenergan, the anti-nausea medication) and Klonopin (aka Clonazapam). I also take Mirapex for Restless Legs Syndrome and have some other things I take for nerve pain, so I am literally a walking drug... (14 replies)
... It seems that Elavil was the drug of choice for you for sleep. I think I will give it another a couple weeks and then I might increase the dose again. ... (14 replies)
... up. It's because I did not achieve deep sleep while on it. It just wasn't sedating enough for me on its own, so I did not take it for many years. I relied on Elavil and it was effective, most of the time. But some nights, I could take a whole bottle of stuff and it wouldn't knock me out. ... (6 replies)
... I do take 100 mg of Elavil for derpession now. ... (6 replies)
... I had the occasional completely sleepless night from the time I was a child. It seemed to be resolved by the time I was in my twenties. Until I was 28 and contracted mono. It's supposed to make you sleep a lot, but it made me stay up all night every night. Fast forward to now, three years later, and I still have this problem. I have tried OTC and common sense remedies:... (2 replies)
... Hi Kane, Thanks for your response. I think this is what is happening . I am so exhausted after that 2nd or 3rd day that I usually sleep more on the following. Sleeping pills like Trazadone, Elavil, Ambien did not work right for me and have horrible side effects. I am wondering if the Zoloft has not entirely kicked in??? or maybe the 2 mg of Klonopin are loosing their... (2 replies)
... Hello, I hope someone can shed some light on this. I had kidney stones in early November, hospitalized, cystoscopies etc. I was always alight sleeper but 1 mg of klonopin gave me 6 hrs of sleep. After I was discharged from the hospital I started with this problem. All my blood work is normal, ekgs, x rays etc.. My nedical doctor recommemded I see apsychiatrist which I did.... (2 replies)
... I've been taking Elavil (Amiltryptaline) for a couple weeks now and even at 20mg I still don't get really tired and I'm waking up a few times a night. I thought that this drug would knock me out, but so far it really hasn't. I don't wake up with a hangover feeling either like other people say happens to them. Maybe the dose needs to be higher. I also take it for pain and it... (14 replies)
May 28, 2008
... I thank you so much. My Dr. really doesn't get it when it comes to not sleeping but I do have the added problem of the poor breathing. When I see him again I am going to ask about some of the other meds. The Lunesta is doing nothing now and I have not taken it that much that I am immune to it. I don't want to mess with hormones because of my age (71) I was one of those rare... (15 replies)
... blown, permanent stage of insomnia and ended up having to leave my career and go on disability. ... (11 replies)

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