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... Every time I would wake up, whether from a nap, or any time during the night, my heart would be racing. It seemed to slowly get worse over the years, starting with random palpitations during my college years... ... (47 replies)
... ula is on the nights that I do fall asleep quickly. Some nights, I have anxiety attacks when I go to bed, and of course, there's no way I'm going to fall asleep while in the midst of one of those. ... (47 replies)
... am with a racing heart after falling asleep at around 3am. ... (47 replies)

Racing heart
Jul 16, 2009
... hour Holtor Monitor that you can try. It will tell your doctor whether your heartbeat and rythm is normal during your sleeping hours. I wore one myself recently with Normal results. 63 years old and jogging 40 miles each sound healthy to me!!! ... (3 replies)
... When you think about it, while you're sleeping, you have more time to reflect on things going on in your life that are upsetting you. ... (47 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hyperthyrodism as well. What I did that helped (at least for me anyways) where the following: - don't drink too much before you go to sleep, at least 2 hours - I take 1000 mgs of Magnisum, 400 mgs of Potassium (helps the heart and thyroid storms) - I usually walk for about 20-30 minutes a couple of hours before bed - Throughout the day, I drink... (47 replies)
... just a suggestion.I had this 2 years ago along with weight loss,anxiety,mood swings,hand tremors and a bounding pulse just walking across a room. I had all the heart tests and wore a monitor, it just showed tachycardia on and off which is just a fast heart rate. ... (47 replies)
... to just how bad a shape I was in. I had gone on a fun trip with my childhood girlfriend and while sharing a hotel room, she said I thrashed and gasped all night. That was just prior to the study. ... (47 replies)
Racing heart
Jul 16, 2009
... I've asked this question a number of times across many different message boards on the internet. Because I wake up with a racing heart every once in a while. It freaks me out because I'll be sound asleep and all the sudden I get woken up with a racing heart. ... (3 replies)
... d and my heart started racing, and the really weird part is that I heard this weird and evil laff, and right after I heard the laff I woke up cold, sweaty and my heart was pounding hard.And I haven't been taking any medicine lately either. ... (0 replies)
Mar 12, 2003
... kinda like a zap only really loud that makes you sit stright up in bed with your heart racing. Thats realy anoying. The second problem is i believe sleep paralisis. ... (9 replies)
... A few days ago this was so bad that I woke up in the middle of the night, heart racing, shortness of breath, fingers cold, thought i was literally dying. Went to the hospital and told it was likely a panic attack. ... (1 replies)
Sleep Nausia
Jul 7, 2009
... I'm new here...just registered in fact. I found this site while trying to Google my problem. It's the strangest thing, and I seem to have stumped my doctors with it. ... (2 replies)
... apnea. You cannot fall asleep easily after waking up because your nervous system is in a hyperaroused state after experiencing at apnea event. For now, try to sleeping on your side. Also, ask your primary doc to refer you to a sleep lab for an overnight sleep study to diagnosis your sleep problems. ... (1 replies)
... not find out anything. His Dr gave me scripts for him to see a sleep Dr, a heart Dr etc. ... (5 replies)

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