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... hape of an object and my body feels completely abnormal and I am not able to recognize the appropriate size and feel of even my face. It maybe due to obstructive sleep apnea..but i severely doubt that it is the cause. ... (2 replies)
... before i start, it would probably be pretty important to note that all my life i have had problems with not being able to sleep, and having a very erratic sleep schedule. ... (2 replies)
... essed or when I've had too much to drink the night before. When I lay down and close my eyes I instantly start seeing strange and sometimes downright terrifying images while still being awake. ... (10 replies)

... I sometimes just blink really fast to make the image go, but then another will come. It quite literally feels like these images in my head and in my eyes are bouncing round my eyes and head, at a million miles per hour, all at the same time. ... (2 replies)
... When I go to bed and lay down and try and sleep it's almost as if my mind starts dreaming while I'm still awake...I have no control over my thoughts..random.. ... (10 replies)
... ay not even notice you wake when this happens as you usually go right back into sleep. this can happen literally hundred of time per night, interfering with your sleep stages. it also can exasperate other condition as the messed up sleep beats on your system pretty hard. thats why you need to have a doc look at this. ... (10 replies)
... They are most common in people with narcolepsy. People with narcolepsy can have hallucinations while falling asleep or while waking up. You probably also have sleep paralysis while this is happening. When you finally emerge from the paralysis, you gasp for air. This doesn't necessarily mean you weren't breathing. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the info I hadnt heard of obstructive sleep apnea. I do have asthma and snore horrendously every single night so they might be contributing factors too. ... (10 replies)
... sounds like you need a sleep study where they monitor such things. ... (10 replies)
... Recently a number of posters have been posting on the sleep boards with symptoms that those of us with "traditional" sleep disorders have not experienced... ... (10 replies)
... Ell, Yes, you may also have sleep apnea (I do and sleep with a cpap)....but based on my personal experience with apnea I think your primary diagnosis is not obstructive, central, or mixed apnea. But apnea can be a life threatening condition so it's best that you rule it out/in and treat if necessary. Bethsheba (10 replies)
... Well, that's quite a hard one to reply to, all I can suggest is for you to see your GP about these bizarre illusions. Perhaps it could be something to do with your sleeping pattern, as you mentioned that it happens when your really tired. It could possible also be that a lot of stuff is going on right now in your life, so at the end of your day, your brain is exhausted and... (2 replies)
... erweight, my uvula seems normal as far as I know..i don't wake up to headaches and im always tired but not 'unable to stay awake' tired...Whether it is a type of sleep apnea or not it definately dosent seem normal so needs checking out. ... (10 replies)
... hen I start drifting to sleep, I can tell that I'm about to fall asleep because I start seeing images. One image after another will pop into my head. Some of the images are of people I know and some aren't. Sometimes the images don't make much sense. Is it normal for this to happen? ... (14 replies)
... ggles instead of one or two words... then it's fine again. Last time it happened I was acutely aware of my inability to write the word I was trying to write just before the reset. Afterwards I get a headache, but it's more head weirdness than pain. ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am new to the Sleep board. I hope everyone is doing well! ... (5 replies)
... Well, I wouldn't say it's a solution, but more of a understanding of it. I have been getting sleep paralyze from time to time in my life now for about a year and a half. ... (1 replies)
... Your sleep problems sound similar to mine. ... (10 replies)
... hallucination like that happened I decided to start sleeping with a light of some kind, closet, hall, bathroom. Now the other hallucination were still happening before and after I incorporated a low wattage light in my room at night. ... (2 replies)
... I think I may have sleep paralysis, as my symptoms match, i.e., floating or elevating, not being able to move just before falling alseep, but I also see these vivid images of geometric shapes during this time period. ... (2 replies)

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