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Body Jolts??
Feb 1, 2006
... ave a lot of them but I haven't been checked out yet. I get sweats at night really bad and do wake up with headaches. I also get the jerks really bad. Especially when falling asleep and sometimes they wake me up. My boyfriend jokes and says I had the funky chicken going on. ... (12 replies)
... What position are you slipping in when this occurs. I recently dug up some information on this for another on the board and my own curiosity. ... (8 replies)
... jolts, immediately after falling asleep. ... (8 replies)

... My insomnia is a strange phenomenon. Some nights, I can just tell, it's going to be a rough time falling asleep. Other nights, I may feel more confident, but then end up spending hours and hours before finally falling asleep. ... (47 replies)
... t, wake up.. but I'll feel so tired, more tired then I've ever felt,, like I just cannot open my eyes and wake up.. but eventually I do wake myself up.. and then when I calm myself down and try to go back to sleep, the jolts will continue to happen every time I'm drifting off to sleep.. ... (78 replies)
... Since being on the meds, I have not woken up with the seizure sensation, but I do still have these electric jolts and shocks that everyone is describing. Therefore, I believe that these sensations are not seizure related if anyone is thinking that. ... (78 replies)
... d it was determined I have severe sleep apnea only in REM sleep. This seems a likely cause for this sensation because these shutting down episodes seem to happen when im dreaming. I will go from a vivid dream to complete darkness and a feeling that I'm about to die. ... (2 replies)
... asy with the conspiracy theories there buddy. You are experiencing hypnagogic hallucinations associated sleep paralysis and you might very well have sleep apnea. When you stop breathing in your sleep, your body sends a jolt to wake you up. ... (78 replies)
... always check my pulse immidiately after these happen, but it seems normal. Once the first one happens, I am scared to go back to sleep for fear that one of these jolts might stop my heart. ... (2 replies)
... This all started happening when I decided to try to get off of Effexor. I was taking the minimum dose, 37. ... (5 replies)
... I doubt it...I think it IS stress related... it is like when you take the load off of a machine that is running ...or when your driving your car and you put it in neutral the engine suddenly races. ... (78 replies)
... i have a similar problem. I will start to drift off and when i do it's like a sudden jolt first in my brain then my heart races instantly. it's like i am aware that i am falling asleep and my brain says no not yet. ... (8 replies)
Body Jolts??
Jan 17, 2006
... When riding the bus home from work, I always take a nap. Upon falling asleep, One of my arms will suddenly make a sudden move, sometimes jarring the person sitting beside me. ... (12 replies)
... I occasionally have these jolts and spasm when trying to fall asleep.. often I am exhausted and falling asleep supline.. on my back. ... (15 replies)
Body Jolts
May 15, 2006
... I've had this weird sensation when I fall asleep on and off for years. It's JUST as I'm falling aslseep, my body will jolt almost as if it is an electrical surge all the way through it, I even feel tingly for a split second as it jolts me awake. ... (2 replies)
Jumping awake
Feb 8, 2002
... I remember when I was younger, I used to wake up like that occasionally in the middle of the night. ... (1 replies)
... urs or less a night, sometimes none at all. And after awhile I usually do see things crawling on the floor or hear voices. I usually just think people say things when they really never did. Anyway, I also get extremely horrible migraines. Not to mention mood swings, to boot. ... (4 replies)
... fect sense! And I have been experiencing more anxiety lately. I would go to bed anxious with all kinds of stuff on my mind. I would be tired but anxious also. So when I am ready to doze off, BAM! The anxiety stops me. Someone mentioned sleep start once before but I never really looked into it much. ... (18 replies)

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