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... I took Lunesta before I had ambien, and it worked really well. I went to sleep pretty quick, but my insurance wouldn't pay for lunesta after the first week, so I had to revert to Ambien. ... (6 replies)
... and I had a horrid time with it. I had the worst, most realistic nightmares I've ever had. I also woke up in my kitchen, and then after trying it again on another night and having the terrible nightmares, I woke up in my bedroom floor. ... (6 replies)
... I don't have hallucinations, but I do have very vivid and violent nightmares. I don't know if it's from the Lunesta I take though because I'm on a couple of other meds. ... (6 replies)

Lunesta hang-up?
Apr 9, 2005
... Hi all! I'm picking up my Lunesta tomorrow-been taking Ambien for quite a while(around 2 years), it's the only thing that has ever let me fall asleep calmly & quickly. However, I've had to increase the dose, and I don't stay asleep for more than 4 hrs, so I'm excited about the Lunesta. Here is my list of sleep meds, and I know everyone different, this is just how they... (32 replies)
... everyday and have pretty bad insomnia. I've been taking Lunesta, which helps sometimes, but I've noticed that I have very vivid dreams and nightmares lately. Could this be a side effect? ... (0 replies)
... (52 replies)
... and Remeron gave me horrific nightmares and Dalmane just didn't work. ... (52 replies)
... Sylviasix, Can you explain why Xyrem, which is a med for Narcolepsy, would help for insomnia? Does it keep you awake during the day so that you are able to sleep at night? I would love to know because it may help me and others. I ask because my recent regime of xanax and ambien has collapsed like a house of cards and I a stuck at zero, do not pass go. Just left my GP's... (52 replies)
... Hello! How are you Biblo? I am doing some browsing today and trying to catch up with past threads so I found the link to follow them again. Still the ongoing trying to fall asleep, sleep well and wake up without feeling to groggy. I can only imagine how frustrating it all is! (52 replies)
... Hey No change. Still struggling to fall asleep. Didn't fall asleep till 5am yesterday and got up at 11am. Not going well. Really frustrated with my GP. Some of the meds he has scribed are just, well, wrong!, I should have added that I was on 40 mg of Methadone + 1-4 10/325 Norco per day. Wish I had room in my siggy. At first the Methadone made me a bit sleepy but not enough... (52 replies)
... I've been taking Lunesta since last October for insomnia. I began having touble sleeping when I returned from studying in Europe. ... (0 replies)
... Hi All, I've been on Ambien 10 (and 20 mg a night) which worked for while - Lunesta when Ambien quiet working - lunesta never worked - ambien CR - doesn't work - clonopin - worked for awhile - not anymore - all kinds of benzos, antihistimines there any thing else I can try to sleep - my doc doesn't want to use trazadone and I can't take SSRIs.....melatonin leaves... (14 replies)
... y the same situation. With elavil I get sleep, but whenever I try to go off it, I simply can't sleep. If I do sleep, the sleep is of poor quality with frequent nightmares that I clearly remember. The sleep is so light it seems worth little more than just relaxing a bit. ... (7 replies)
... all. I eat very healthly, touch zero caffiene, no chocolate, read labels carefully, have tried all non script sleep aids and well as all prescriptions. Ones like Lunesta give me hurrendous nightmares. I have taken Flurazepam for years. Now that isn't even working. Most nights take two, still no sleep. ... (7 replies)
... I have been taking Ambien CR for many years, every night, with no side effects. Some people do react to Ambien with episodes of sleepwalking, nightmares or hallucinations, but these are rare. You should know right away if these things happen to you. You could also try Lunesta. ... (15 replies)

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