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... Can narclepsy make you feel depressed or no sense of clarity. ... (7 replies)
... et but I am kind of terrfied of the pills. I have panic attacks frequently and the doc. said they can give me one. Anyways I was also reading that people with narclepsy experience waking up parpalyzed etc. I haven't had this issue with it but does this develop in time. ... (7 replies)
... The dream you describe is really common and nothing to be afraid of. It's called a false awakening dream. It's very realistic and sometimes even a little frustrating to think you're awake only to realize it was only a dream of being awake. It's not narcolepsy. (1 replies)

... Near morning I have dreams that I am trying to wake up. Then I wake up but find that I am just in another dream. This will happen numerous times. Anyone know if this narclepsy? (1 replies)
... Hi, When I lay down to fall asleep and close my eyes I see different things, sometimes scary images and sometimes pleasant ones. In the morning I sometimes dream that I wake up but I am really still alseep, and this can happen over a dozen times. When I was in school and got 8 hours of sleep instead of 12 I would doze off in class, fall asleep at the wheel, and fall asleep... (0 replies)
Feeling Paralyised
Nov 12, 2005
... Hey, I would get a sleep test done. Perhaps you have narclepsy. TonyaM (6 replies)
... Hey, if your head is shaking it sounds like seizures to me...however, I have had the electric shock sensation, and one doc said it might be a sign of narclepsy...let me know what your sleep study says.... TonyaM (2 replies)
Nodding off
Nov 10, 2005
... Hey, That is not normal. You should ask your doc for a sleep study. Perhaps, you may have narclepsy. Anyhow, a sleep study would probably be very beneficial. TonyaM (2 replies)
... Okay another question. Kind of personal. I am on my monthly now I am twice as tired as before. I can barely stay awake all day long. I tried just eating protein, vegs drinking lots of water and staying active nothing worked. I can't stand it. I slept 9 hours last night. Is this normal? (7 replies)
... I feel the same way lightheaded and poor concentration. I haven't been diagnosed with Narcolepsy-and am on no meds(other than Paxil) (7 replies)
... beeb, I have had sleep paralysis only a few times but what I experienced was-I was unable to move any part of my body. I can't remember if my eyes were opened or closed. The first time I thought I was dying, but after that I knew I was going to move eventually-mine only lasted probably 10 seconds or so. (Although it seems longer at the time). I have only had them when I was... (7 replies)
... I wish I could tell you the other place because we have a huge thread on the "weirdeties" that come with narcolepsy. I'll see if I can print it out and copy some of them down here. I know you're worried, I was too. We all suffer the same basic symptoms but they seem to be related to the narcolepsy for some reason. We don't know the cause, but when so many others have the same... (7 replies)
... Angel77, Thanks for replying. So if the paralysis attacks the muscle so to speak is the head paralyzed to wear you can't turn or move it. Sorry I get really paranoid. Everyweek I think I have a new disorder of sumsort if you know what I mean! I suffer from depression as well anxiety. (7 replies)
... Hi bee! I'm a narco too. I don't have much time to address this, but will when I "wake" up in the morning. I found another support group on line that has been a life saver. I can't for the life of me remember how I find most things on the internet, usually by accident....can't remember how I found this one!! LOL Anyway, I think I searched like narcolepsy support or... (7 replies)

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