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... CR version of Ambien for a few months back in 2005. Eventually, I switched to Lunesta, because I felt like I'd built up too much of a tolerance to ambien and it always made me fall asleep but not STAY asleep. I was on 20 mg of the original ambien, and never had any negative reaction to it. ... (0 replies)
Lunesta hang-up?
Apr 9, 2005
... I tried to get my psych to start a study of ambien for pain management. If there only wasn't an amnesia issue it would have been a miracle drug for me. ... (32 replies)
Ambien help
Sep 22, 2005
... I developed chronic heart palpitations whenever the Xanax was wearing off. I never craved the Xanax, but I felt like my body would implode if I didn't take the next dose. I thought I would die. I tried to wean myself off of it, but after 1 month, I was completely unsuccessful. ... (7 replies)

Ambien CR/Anxiety?
Mar 21, 2007
... I dont take Ambein CR, but I do take regular Ambein and have now for about 6 months off and on (mainly on). I submitted a thread about a week and a half ago asking if anyone has experienced depression the next day/ plus feeling somewhat anxious, (now that you mention it) when taking Ambein. It seems to settle down towards the evening before I take my night time dose. I know... (13 replies)
Chronic insomnia
Jun 17, 2010
... hours to actually feel sleepy after taking it. However, the Ambien came with some MAJOR side effects. I would do and say things after I took the pill that I had absolutely no recollection of the next day. ... (33 replies)
... ook place that caused stress. I would stay awake all night, play on the computer, read etc. Of course after a week of that I began getting very drowsy during the day and detached from everything. Let another week go by of no...and I mean NO sleep and saw my dr. He gave me ambien. ... (0 replies)
... I have taken Ambien before and it worked but the next day I was snapping at everyone and very angery. There is a medication out there that works very good called Trazadone. ... (9 replies)
... I usally have a high tolerance to medications as well and it seems nothing really works for me. I hear what your saying about the Ambien giving you a buzz feeling, I use to like it when I felt that way. It fely as if I was normal, no anxiety or worrys just pure joy. ... (23 replies)
... bouts of insomnia. About two and a half years ago, it has gotten out of hand again. I'm 24 years old, and have been in generally good health, I have a history of anxiety and depression on both sides of my family. I am however, more prone to suffering from anxiety which in turn causes my insomnia to get worse from time to time. ... (2 replies)
... Sometimes I wind up taking the xanax in combination with Ambien. I'm a zombie the next day. I have a new baby so my sleep is often disturbed. ... (2 replies)
Dec 21, 2005
... working for you. I've tried that stuff and deep breathing and all those other new age things, but they don't do a thing for me. Partly because I already have an anxiety disorder and am unable to get anything from it since my normal state is tense and I can't just "shut it off". Wish I could. ... (21 replies)
... Weight gain and too groggy the next day. ... (1 replies)
Jan 11, 2011
... I have some weird anxiety when I sleep. It's like, everything catches up to me, even things that don't make sense. My dreams are off the walls! ... (4 replies)
... ask your doctor about trazadone because that stuff will knock you out and it helps with depression but be aware you will have vivid dreams. You will wake up the next day wondering if that really happened. ... (9 replies)
Sep 14, 2004
... e me SO sick to my stomach I stopped it immediately. I hate the "Nyquil feeling" it gives me like I'm being dragged underwater. I, too, felt the aftereffects the next day. ... (9 replies)
... Anyone else having problems today posting? I typed a long reply and hit post and got a server error. I tried again and all my text was gone.... In short, I too get the weird effects from Ambien. I dont mind them tho. It does help/make me sleep. I live in Redding, Ca which is a little over a hour south of the Oregon border. Today it was 112*. Supposed to cool off this... (9 replies)
... I will wake up and feel great during the day. I will feel alert and fairly energetic well into the evening. But I know that I have to go to work the next morning so I try not to do anything "stimulating" for the rest of the night. Around midnight, or even earlier, I'll pop a Klonopin and a Vistaril. ... (3 replies)
... I wasn't getting great sleep, and in January, started having some mild anxiety issues, and during the day, I was ok, but when I tried to sleep, my heart would get pounding and racing and I couldn't fall asleep. ... (2 replies)
Jul 8, 2006
... I can't sleep no matter what I do. If I have to much caffeine in one day I don't sleep at all, to much anxiety no sleep. I have been off and on Ambien for a while but I really just want to get some natural sleep. I know sometimes when I do sleep it is just to a dream faze, nothing more, no deep sleep. ... (23 replies)
... I've tried Ambien, a 'hypnotic', and it works VERY WELL, but I feel drugged and trancelike before going to bed and sometimes the next morning. This happens with just half a pill. ... (9 replies)

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