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... theme related, random sounds happening in while dreaming... ... (15 replies)
... SusanMiles, This use to happen to me right when I was falling asleep, and now few times a year... When I was younger especially in junior highschool (decades ago!), it would happen almost a few times a month.. Yet has MKbrooks pointed out, I think I was severely stressed from sleep depravation, and I would be very vivid dreamer to make up for all the lack of sleep... (15 replies)
... Bethsheba knows I bite if I see my name stuck here or there.. so this is my take on a few of your posts. I use to hear classical music or a very complex musical composition, like classical orchestra that I hardly have an interest in ( nothing I have heard in real life) right when dozing off, yet still somewhat conscious since I was a young child and until my late 20's...... (15 replies)

... Hi Mg! Just want to pipe in here and say that I've had enough personal experience with rx medications and have done enough reading to know that these figures are NOT accurate. People need to know that adverse reactions (side effects) often go underreported for just a FEW of the following reasons: Patients do not identify side effects and/or report them to their doctors.... (15 replies)
... I know you wrote to Bethsheba.. but I have been doing a lot more reading and researching through the medical journals.. got some new things that made me go.. "Huh? Makes sense. Amazing." I occasionally have these jolts and spasm when trying to fall asleep.. often I am exhausted and falling asleep supline.. on my back. Hypnagogic and hypnopompic (visual and auditory)... (15 replies)
... The active ingredient in Ipratropium Bromide Nasal Solution 0.03% (Nasal Spray) is ipratropium bromide monohydrate. It is an anticholinergic agent. Absorption Less than 20% gets absorbed into the nasal membranes.. blood concentrations are minimal. Ipratropium bromide is poorly absorbed into the systemic circulation following nasal administration (2-3%). Half life is... (15 replies)
... Hi Bethsheba, Sorry my post wasn't very clear. It only happens a couple times a month and it is always right when I am falling asleep, which is so annoying. I'll just about be asleep amd KABOOM! (15 replies)
... Hi MG, So good to know you're still here and still giving me things to think's past my bedtime so I'm just going to address one thing here, and then tomorrow I'll reread your post because, as usual, it's packed full of info. Although choice, lifestyle, sleep disorder, and medical problems may be issues impacting sleep, I believe medication should be... (15 replies)
... Susan, Does that happen every night? Or just once in awhile? I'm just curious as I can't imagine being wakened from a perfectly good dream, grin! Bethsheba (15 replies)
... Although my sleep doctors threw a few carrots my way (told me about the connections of sleep apnea to frequent nocturnal bathroom trips and sleep apnea and acid reflux), the majority of my knowlege came from others with similar experiences and by reading...yes, it is amazing what people know if you encourage them to tell you. I think reading these boards should be a... (15 replies)
... Hi, I get that too. I used to have very vivid hypnogogic hallucinations when I was younger and I believe this is just a much milder form. I used to get out of bed to see what fell or blew up, LOL! Now I know it is just a very early onset dream and ignore it. (15 replies)
... Will give ENT advice.. after lunch. MG :) (15 replies)
... Bethsheba, Thank you very very much for your insightful response! I feel so better with all of your knowledge passed down... I swear I never even had a convo like this with any of my doctors for my sleep issues (mainly daily fatigue from insomnia/ DSPS/ nasal obstruction)... Its very true what you said the sleep doctors didn't suggest; even though I use to be a very... (15 replies)
... FYI, some people have apnea that comes and goes and doesn't always show up on one or two studies. Would this mean a reduced SaO2 level? If your blood pressure isn't high enough, I don't think enough oxygen would be getting to vital organs. If so, it might account for fatigue, dizziness, and perhaps change in sensitivity. I know what you mean. I think I was always a... (15 replies)
... Bethsheba, Thanks again for hopping on this thread; its interesting because when I use to have this problem, I remember thinking if I had sleep apnea because I would be tired, dizzy and have a sense of emergency/anxiety when I would awake or whilst asleep... I went to two studies; no sleep apnea, YET people noticed that I didnt look well at certain times of the day - I... (15 replies)
... Hello Nexis, I recognize you from the bp boards...hope you don't mind my dropping in here. I have sleep apnea so I touch base with the posters here every once in awhile...but as you may know, my primary issues are elevated pressures which I believe in large part are side effect of a sleep disorder that wasn't diagnosed until later in life. Regarding your post...I... (15 replies)
... don't really know if this has anything to do with the topic, or the problems, but i found this forum when i was looking up info on Lucid Dreaming (which is when your having a dream and are actually aware of it). one article i had read said that if your self aware when your body enters or leaves REM sleep, numerous feelings can occur including sleep paralysis, rapid... (14 replies)
... I have experienced sleep paralysis and strange noises at the onset of sleep. Often I think I heard something crash to the floor and wake up startled. ... (6 replies)

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