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Jun 20, 2007
... said about 6 months after he prescribed it to me that he seems to be learnign that it doesn't work very well.....but you could be different.....what i found with rozerem is that i felt paranoid and it made my thoughts race all night....but dont let what others say psych you out.... ... (9 replies)
Jun 12, 2007
... just got my samples of rozerem today from my doctor. ... (9 replies)
Rozerem for sleep
Mar 18, 2007
... I've tried just about all OTC sleep aids with very short term use. ... (10 replies)

... I have read that Rozerem helps some people, and that you just have to find what's right for you. ... (7 replies)
... I,ve recently started on Rozerem and it does nothing for me. I do have night sweats, but I had those before I started on this med. It just does not help me sleep. ... (7 replies)
... Hi all, I too have terrible insomnia and my Doctor gave me samples of rozerem and Lunesta. I took one rozerem 8 mg and felt like I could clean the house!! I did not fall asleep untill 3 AM. Not for me. I also tried the Lunesta but was also dissappointed.. ... (5 replies)
Rozerem for sleep
Mar 15, 2007
... My doctor prescribed it and told me to take it along with Restoril, which tends to stop working after awhile. He said the Rozerem would boost the effect of the Restoril. This sounds odd to me. ... (10 replies)
Rozerem anyone?
Mar 8, 2007
... Besides the fact that I took Rozerem last night I am learning to sleep in a new position which also kept me up. I am not a sleeper so a new sleeping position will take some getting used to. ... (7 replies)
... cript filled a couple days ago. It really is not like the other ones in the way it causes me to fall asleep. The others I just "go to sleep" with out any memory. Rozerem makes me FEEL really sleepy and I go to sleep like someone would normally fall asleep. No bad taste like Lunesta and no memory loss like with Ambein. ... (12 replies)
... Then I started having daytime abnormal feelings of sedation so quit. My dr said the rule of thumb was to not exceed 5 doses of sleep meds in 7 days to avoid possibly becoming addicted. Definately discuss your experiences with the sleep meds with your dr as everyone reacts differently to meds. ... (7 replies)
... I've taken Rozerem before and it did nothing for me. It took me forever to fall asleep and then I kept waking up. My doc switched me to Ambien which worked better for me. ... (7 replies)
... My doctor told me that the Rozerem should help me get a good night's sleep. I'm supposed to take it for 2 weeks and then go in for a checkup. ... (7 replies)
Sleep Problem
Jan 15, 2007
... I had a horrible experience with both Ambien and Rozerem. Ambien gave me a panic attack and Rozerem wired me so I didn't sleep for 3 days. What works for me is taking magnesium daily and combining Valerian root and melatonin. ... (1 replies)
I cant sleep help
Oct 13, 2012
... anxiety drug named buspar and try a sleeping pill called rozerem but my insurance does not cover rozerem and i was told its really just a high dose of melatonen, i been taking melatonen vitamins so probaley wont be worth it anyhow. ... (53 replies)
Rozerem anyone?
Apr 17, 2007
... didn't work for me...i took one 8 mg. at around 11, then drifted in and out of sleep with the tv on, when i finally turned off the tv at around 12 i tried to go to sleep and was wide awake....still wide awake at 1, i took another 8 mg. ... (7 replies)
... a like every single night, but i usually take an 0.5 xanax and i'm good to go, i take one every night, 2 if i have eaten a lot....last night for a change i tried rozerem my doc had given me samples of.....i took an 8mg. pill at 11, and still was not asleep by 1am, so i took another 8mg. ... (5 replies)
... I tried Rozerem, and it would make me fall asleep, but after about 2 hrs maximum, I would awake and could not get back to sleep, I was having some horrible insomminia, and I started taking Ambien CR, I take it about 1 hr before bed, and I begin to get sleepy and I fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night, and awake on my own after about 8 hrs.. and feel refreshed like... (3 replies)
... I have sleep onset and sleep maintenance insominia. ... (12 replies)
... I am new on this board, coming over from the Fibromyalgia and Lupus boards. My rheumatologist gave me the starter pack of Rozerem today since I cannot take Lunesta, Ambien and all of the other sleep aids. ... (3 replies)
... I haven,t slept well for 7 years until I finally found a nonprescription herb that really works. Its called Melantonin. Its an old herb, I know but I found that taking 2- 300 mcg a night works for me. Thank God! Thats 300 mcg, not 300 mg. Its cheap and you can get it at Walmart. (7 replies)

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