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Rozerem for sleep
Mar 18, 2007
... it, so it was quiete expensive. I'm not saying much bad about ambien, for short term use of less then a month it's an amazing drug. Then Xanax.....Ahh xanax. Xanax is the best, gives you really good sleep, and really happy dreams. The problem is it's highly addictive. Then I was on to Rozerem. ... (10 replies)
Rozerem anyone?
Apr 17, 2007
... didn't work for me...i took one 8 mg. at around 11, then drifted in and out of sleep with the tv on, when i finally turned off the tv at around 12 i tried to go to sleep and was wide awake....still wide awake at 1, i took another 8 mg. pill thinking that would do it, but it didn't...i was fidgety and nervous all night....i'm used to taking .5 xanax a night, but this night i... (7 replies)
... I suffer from insomnia like every single night, but i usually take an 0.5 xanax and i'm good to go, i take one every night, 2 if i have eaten a lot....last night for a change i tried rozerem my doc had given me samples of.....i took an 8mg. ... (5 replies)

Xanax for sleep
May 13, 2009
... ion anyone who is routinely using Xanax, Ativan etc for sleep. There are better meds out there that do not have the same addictive side effects. PLus comming off Xanax is horrible. I would suggest you try benedryl 50mg first it works great for most people. ... (14 replies)
Rozerem for sleep
Apr 17, 2007
... i took roserem last night after steadily being on xanax for a while.... ... (10 replies)
Rozerem for sleep
Apr 17, 2007
... i took roserem last night after steadily being on xanax for a while.... ... (10 replies)
Rozerem for sleep
Apr 17, 2007
... i took roserem last night after steadily being on xanax for a while.... ... (10 replies)
... The reason you shouldn't take 2 is for that very reason, that it will still be in your system the next day, and make you zombie like. It takes a good hour for it to start to work. When i first started it, i thought it was worthless because it doesn't have the kick like ambien. Give it a week or two, you'd be surpised with it, it works very well. I've been on it a few... (5 replies)
Rozerem for sleep
Mar 23, 2007
... i have suffered from insomnia for over 3 consecutive years now. I have also tried EVERY OTC and non-narcotic, even homeopathic medications. I tried rozeram and was not successful and i actually got headaches from it for some reason. The only medications that will hold me asleep for more then a few hours a night are Flaruzepam or seroquol and as of a few months ago i had built... (10 replies)
Rozerem for sleep
Mar 19, 2007
... I know what you mean about xanax working so great. I sometimes take klonopin, and it works really good, but of course there's the dreaded addiction issue. ... (10 replies)
I cant sleep help
Oct 13, 2012
... anxiety drug named buspar and try a sleeping pill called rozerem but my insurance does not cover rozerem and i was told its really just a high dose of melatonen, i been taking melatonen vitamins so probaley wont be worth it anyhow. ... (53 replies)
... c i had some samples left and it did not work at all...i later took another one and still i feel going to stick with my xanax which always seems to work..... ... (13 replies)
I Can't Sleep!
Sep 5, 2008
... Prescription sleep aids can actually be safer than some of the OTC remedies since they are specifically targeting sleep. Ativan and Xanax are anxiety meds which help with calming nerves, but do not always aid in sleep. Melatonin, as Bethsheba stated earlier, is not regulated by the FDA. ... (9 replies)
... and Rozerem which I asked if I could try. It works on the melatonin and is definetly not habit forming. So will see. I thought I slept pretty well last night with . ... (6 replies)
... taste for the entire next day and everything I eat taste metallic. I am prescribed Rozerem but that is a sleep medication that needs to be taken regularly at the same time, and my hectic college lifestyle doesn't allow for that. ... (0 replies)
Melatonin 3mg
Aug 3, 2008
... hello everyone, my dr. suggested for me to take melatonin but she didnt give me a specific mg to take and when i went to vitamin world they gave me a 3mg dosage. i says take 1 pill at bedtime... well it doesnt do anything for me i have been actually taken 3 pills at night and still haha no sleep!!!! so anyone out there take it and what mg do u take??? or can u suggest... (4 replies)
... nausea medication, which has a wonderful sedating quality to it and no side effects, at least not for me. I also occasionally take a Xanax if I am really stressed, and I also take Mirapex for my RLS. ... (7 replies)
Aug 21, 2006
... then what the heck are you supposed to do. I do think they are trying to come up with something. I am going to ask my doctor today about Rozerem and see what he thinks about trying that because I sure can't take the Ambien anymore and he doesn't like me taking Xanax on a nightly basis. ... (23 replies)
... to help relax me for sleep, worked shortly then stopped. They perscribed the Rozerem for me as well, helped me fall asleep but I woke after 2 hrs never fail, so its the Ambien CR for me. ... (8 replies)

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