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... I know of a type of "tiredness seizure", it's called Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. Most people have had a myoclonic jerk, sometimes called a "hypnic jerk", that's when just before you drift off the sleep your leg suddenly decides it wants to be on the other side of the room.:D Or an eye twitch - even hiccups are a form of myoclonus. JME is myoclonic seizures, quick jerks... (15 replies)
... l me what was wrong, EEG, MRI, Blood Tests, Organ scans, all showed normal. I looked so healthy clinically that i was like a model for perfect health. So why the seizures eh... ... (15 replies)
... If i sleep well, I dont have seizures at and also with alcohol..the seizures arent consistant every morning, sometimes if ime tired I still dont have seizures.. ... (15 replies)

... All epilepsy disorders are worse after alcohol. (so is sleep apnea) JME can progress into full blown tonic-clonic seizures. "Tonic" is the fall down part, "clonic" is the shaking part. T/C used to be called grand-mal seizures. For most people Depakote controls all three types of JME seizures (myoclonic, absence and T/C) very well. (15 replies)
... years, I have been having intermitant seizures when I wake up..They are not stereotypical seizures, I will just wave my arm or I will collapse and fall over. ... (15 replies)
... years, I have been having intermitant seizures when I wake up..They are not stereotypical seizures, I will just wave my arm or I will collapse and fall over. ... (15 replies)
... Great--well thanks alot Nexis and Auntieleela....I really appreciate your advice (15 replies)
... I'm afraid I don't know all the details. I had a friend at school who had it, that's what made me think of it. You may want to post under the Epilepsy topic, you'll find more real life experience there. Ask your physician about JME too, see what they say. Good luck.:angel: (15 replies)
... My blood pressure is on the low side as well. Most mornings, I have the wristband blood pressure checker next to me, and before I do anything, even moving up, I lie still and take my BP. You can try that if you can get your hands on a BP wrist device. (15 replies)
... Okay then thankyou (15 replies)
... You may want to note any changes in your mind or your body after increasing alcohol, sugar, carbs, and grains to see if your symptoms get worse, or if other symptoms occur. Side effects and symptoms can come and go without an apparent reason...just because it doesn't happen all the time, doesn't mean that you don't have the condition or disease. (15 replies)
... This statement alone, suggests that you might want to research the lyme disease boards, starting with the stickies at the top. (15 replies)
... If you are not breathing out of your mouth asleep alike me, you would be breathing through your nose. If you had a blocked nasal passage, you are not properly recieving oxygen. That is what's what happened to me and got laser surgery to unblock my nasal passage. Also you could stop breathing through your mouth, and your body could be having a reaction because the... (15 replies)
... Sounds like that could well be it..although I fear its probably more serious, Ive gone beyond the twitching stage and am now falling over etc, i am worried Ime going to hurt myself.. It appears to be much worse if I have drunk alchohol the previous night aswell, if that helps? Thankyou for your concern! (15 replies)
... Yes, I can breath perfectly well out of my I havnt had a sleep test done, I have always been an extemely poor sleeper since a very young age! If you dont mind me asking, what would it mean if I did have difficulty breathing out of my nose? (15 replies)
... Have you had a sleep test done? How is your sinus? Can you breath well out of your nose? (15 replies)
... I can only recommend two other things. Chamomile tea and melatonin. Both are natural and should have no effect on your heart rate what so ever.. Use these in conjunction with good sleep hygiene and it should offer some relief. Benadryl made your heart race? Was it just plain Benedryl or a benedryl D. I haven't heard of that side effect of Benedryl.. it is an... (2 replies)
... Can someone recommend a strong sleeping pill that is going to knock me right out? I usually feel extremely fatigued by the time I get to bed, yet I'm unable to fall asleep for hours despite this tiredness. As a result, I sometimes get back up and start to clean, browse the Internet or snack mindlessly. I feel that I really need a strong sleeping pill that will tranquilize... (0 replies)

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