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... ently. i have three the third time it happened i decided to do research on what it could be. um what i am looking for is confirmation that what i have is indeed sleep paralysis. i've read stories, and what happened to me is a lot like what i've read. ... (4 replies)
... I think I just had sleep paralysis this morning, I thought I woke up but I couldn't move, so I started scrunching my face and wiggling my fingers/toes to get out of it, but while all that was happening there was this intense buzzing feeling/sound on the back of my head, it got painful too when it got more intense, but then I woke up. This all happened in just 15 secs I think... (2 replies)
... any help or knowing that someone else has had this would be comforting....out of all the research i have done i have only seen people say that they have sleep paralysis and no function of their body parts, or just siezures but i have both and it scares me. maybe a siezure would be better cause then i would not experience it. ... (5 replies)

Sleep Paralysis
Nov 30, 2009
... z, like static on the TV, it increases and decreases making my heart feel like like it's on a rollarcoaster, it's really scary. I mean.. it's weird, it's like im sleep but awake at the same time as i can still feel my blankets and everything around me. ... (5 replies)
... I have had that too and always thought it was just another auditory hallucination but i think some people refer to it as exploring head syndrome. It happens every time I have sleep paralysis (2 replies)
Sleep paralysis
May 4, 2006
... Next time you have it, Akalei, see if you can fly, since it appears you got out of your body. Everytime the buzzing and stiffness and the lucid dreaming occur to me now, I am not afraid. I just get out my body and do odd things, like flying. ... (4 replies)
Night terrors???
Nov 15, 2005
... What you describe can be really frightening if you don't what it is. The sound you hear in your head, could it also be described as kind of an electrical buzzing or humming? ... (2 replies)
... After I found out about sleep paralysis I haven't had any scary episodes and I've been able to control them. ... (19 replies)
... I have had this sleep buzzing also. ... (4 replies)
... And I also have auditory hallucinations, like a buzzing sound in my head. I've also felt as if I was shaking but couldn't prove that until a few weeks ago. ... (19 replies)
... Don't worry about it. It's called sleep paralysis and it happens to perfectly normal people. It can happen when we're especially tired or stressed. ... (6 replies)
Couldn't move
Jan 9, 2006
... It's sleep paralysis. Very common. ... (15 replies)
... I have the exact same thing. It usually happens when I fall back to sleep in the morning after having been awake for a little while. As I drift off, I hear a buzzing sound and feel like my body is vibrating. I searched on the internet and found some interesting things. ... (1 replies)

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