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... I'm also suffering from this swallowing problem. It happens without fail when I'm about to fall asleep. I was on Valium and some other benzos for about two weeks, and one point I developed severe insomnia, so the doc prescribed rameron, which sent me to deep sleep. But the following day I developed thus hypnic jerk. It's an involuntary swallowing that usually is accompanied... (13 replies)
... Hey there! The answer to your concern of sheer terror waking with a sudden jolt and instant panic, horror, and feeling threatened? ... (18 replies)
... Sleep apnea is not limited to deep sleep. I have severe sleep apnea and so does my son. My husband has hypopnea. My son and I never reached deep sleep because our apnea events would boot us awake and not let us acheive deep sleep. ... (18 replies)

... Sleep deprivation when it is chronic and working toward severe can cause this.. thus sleep apnea patients often get it. You should go to a sleep specialist and get a sleep study done. The data they can glean from it is amazing. ... (18 replies)
... one sleeping disorder...undiagnosed sleeping disorders can lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, asthma, and other health conditions. In other words, they are nothing to ignore. ... (18 replies)
... It is SO scary!! I feel like I am going to die when it happens. I was diagnosed with sleep hypopnea last year but I simply cannot do the CPAP. ... (18 replies)
... and the more it happens the more I worry because I know I NEED sleep that's a bit of a cycle. ... (18 replies)
... I have this problem also. I think it is related to sleep apnea. Before I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, I used to think it was some sort of panic attack. Since I now sleep with a CPAP, I realize this only happens when I fall asleep without the CPAP. ... (18 replies)
... Wow do you sound like me. I go through this cycle every couple of weeks. After about 2 weeks I finally was able to sleep without the jumping up. I am usually very tired. ... (18 replies)
... times a year, i have nights where it is very hard to sleep. im generally quite tired, and as soon as i feel myself falling asleep, I suddenly wake up, in a shock. generally my heart is beating fast, im tense, my breathing is somewhat heaving, and i get a rush of panic through my body. ... (18 replies)
... I thought sleep apnea only happens in deep sleep. ... (18 replies)
... Hey guys, This is actually called a "myoclonic shock" or "myoclonic twitch." It's very common, sometimes it can spur a panic disorder, but it's generally a physical thing. I don't know much about sleep apnea, but it is normal (the shock) . I get them all the time, they knock the wind out of me and leave me gasping for air, it takes me almost a half hour to calm down. ... (18 replies)
... did you ever stop to think you may have sleep apnea. Please go to some dr. and see if you have the symptoms. The test is easy and it could save your life and panic attacks. ... (18 replies)
... Have you had a sleep study done to shed some light on your symptoms? ... (18 replies)
... Thanks for getting back to me. I'm glad to hear it cleared up for you. I am still dealing with it every morning. I don't think I've slept past 5 am in over 3 weeks. Once it starts, every time I'm drifting off back to sleep, it happens again and scares the crap out of me. ... (13 replies)
... or even more a night, if a wake up at 4 or 5am in the morning and get up for a drink, toilet etc when i get back in bed i can go back to sleep fine, it never happens then, only when im falling asleep at night. ... (18 replies)
... Im not sure what it is. Ill be dreaming and all of a sudden ill wake up from the dream. I feel conscious but i cant move my body. I can breath just fine but its very scary. ... (6 replies)
... I have noticed in the past year or less that I have had maybe 2 or 3 experiences where I woke up choking and not breathing for a split second, then go back to sleep perfectly fine. ... (0 replies)
... Hello, this is my first post. I will tell you my story. I have sleep problems for the past 5 years. ... (3 replies)
... from bad Anxiety. I don't go to bed until the early hours because i used to have panic attacks when it was dark at night when trying to sleep, so i didn't go to sleep until it was sunrise and light but now i just cannot get out the habit and it's really effecting me. ... (1 replies)

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