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... and now the Trazodone for sleep. My dose really seems low, so I'm afraid it won't work, but maybe it will in combination with the other stuff I'm on.... ... (47 replies)
... (47 replies)
... OK, so I've been on Ambien, Lunesta, Amptryptiline, and Klonopin for sleep, and I went to my first psychiatrist appointment and was given Trazodone. ... (47 replies)

... I just took my first dose of Trazodone last night. I was given 50 mg, but was afraid and only took 25mg. ... (47 replies)
... depressant, but to "regulate" the sleep patterns. It worked fairly well and I seemed to be more refreshed in the morning and it took me only 15 minutes or so to fall asleep. ... (47 replies)
... Seroquel worked much better, in my opinion. Ambien caused me panic attacks, Rozerem wired me so I didn't sleep for several days. ... (47 replies)
... or so, whether I sleep or not. ... (11 replies)
... sleep aide, and presented it to my "shrink". He thought it was a pretty good drug to try for both. ... (47 replies)
... i am tried trazadome 25MG i was told 25 to 50 . is the recommend dose , but if i take it every night it stops working (47 replies)
... I am currently taking 400 mg of Trazadone and have been on that dose for over 6 months. Along with the Trazadone, I take Xanax .5mg and 2mg of Ativan. I don't have trouble falling asleep, I can't seem to stay asleep. ... (47 replies)
... Do not stop taking eszopiclone suddenly if you have been taking it for more than 1 or 2 weeks. This may cause withdrawal symptoms and make you uncomfortable. Talk to your doctor if you need to stop treatment with eszopiclone. ... (4 replies)
... Ok so I don't seem to have any other problem than severe insomnia... My psychiatrist prescribed 100mg of Seroquel. I took it for 30 days and it never had any kind of effect on me. I never felt the least bit sleepy because of it. ... (5 replies)
... my dad has trazodone and xanax for sleep.. ... (11 replies)
... I've heard some good things about trazodone. If you suffer chronic long term insomnia its probably a better solution than OTC and prescription sleeping pills. Get the dosage right though because I've heard you can have one hell of a time getting up in the morning. (11 replies)
... I want to prepare for this. Antihistamines seem to not work as well as I thought they would. ... (1 replies)
... In my case, Trazadone caused the palms of myhands to feel like they were burning in the last couple of hours I was stll trying to sleep it off/1 (12 replies)
... pills just over 2 months ago, I have had difficulty falling asleep. I don't know if this is related to stopping the pill or not as I have had difficulty sleeping for years. However, recently, I went off antidepressants and was finding myself able to sleep without meds for the first time in ages. ... (2 replies)
... I have trazodone, I take 150 a night, but I've been on it for a couple years.... in addition I do have Sonata on nights that the traz doesn't seem to help... ... (12 replies)
... I don't think Trazadone would work long term for a person like me, it ADHD, and ho is a very light sleeper. Can you tell me more about sonata and if it lasts longer before waking you up? ... (12 replies)
Apr 22, 2004
... an antidepressant med called trazodone is available in some places it can be used as a sleeping pill as it often sedates people strongly when taken so may well get you off to sleep. Take it just before bed, its non addictive and often works for a long time without needing the dose upped It usually works OK if you are already on another antidepressant med daily (0 replies)

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