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I'm not living a normal life anymore, I can't enjoy my life, my family, kids etc. I'm normally an outgoing guy, loves to travel, love to drive around and I love to always do things,but none of that happens anymore. There are times that I do feel ok,but its not enough.
I quit smoking back in 2013. I started smoking when I was 16 and I quit when I was 27 years old. I am now 30 years old. Since then I have not felt one beneficial thing from quitting. It just keeps getting worse and worse.
I still cough here and there,but was worst when my 3rd week of quitting, it was so bad that I coughed up blood several test was done to rule out that my lungs were fine and then on July 2014 a new symptom emerge where i feel like im going to pass out, my head feels unbalance, it felt hard to walk and it always felt like I'm going to get knocked over. And the most annoying of them all is where everything gets numb and tingly all over my body especially in the arms, chest, neck and head area. It gradually gets worse then I started to pains in my heads, chest, then my right upper quadrant area, my digestive bowel movements are out of whack, my stools most of the time are loose and wet ( not to sound gross) then one day I started to pee out dark urine that looked like ice tea and it was also painful on my left side stomach area at the time when it happen.
I will tell you this right now throughout this whole thing lots of test was done, several ct scans with contrast, I have visit a gastroneloigst, cadiologiist, a pulmonary specialist, urologist, a neurologist, I have done hida scans, ultrasounds, ekg, eeg and currently awaiting sleep study results.
Everything was normal, I am a healthy boy according to all of them and they told me I have anxiety. Even with the bloody urine, they couldn't find anything, I have switch my doctor about 5x and even with new orders and new diagnosis they cannot find anything on me as well as all kinds of blood test, thyroid tests NOTHING!!!

It's been two years and so far i'm able to learn a few things. My symptoms gradually get worst right after waking up. Once I get out of bed all my symptoms start to attack me. I feel no energy, my muscles feel fatigue, its hard to walk straight, breathing gets heavy and its hard to take satisfying breathes. My neck is stiff, my arms are stiff. The only relieve is to go back to sleep or lay in bed. Eventually I will be fine later on. Please someone help me should I take Paxil? I was prescribe with it,but everyone is telling me not to take it because of the side effects

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