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Day 8 of Chantix
Oct 29, 2019
Hello Friends,

On day 8 of Chantix. Which means i just up'ed my dose. I am smoking less but defin think about cigs. I have been coming to this forum these few days to find some answers for helping me quit. No crazy side effects. Little nauseous after pill is taken but subsides within 10-15 minutes. Had a couple dizzy spells, but I think that was due to lack of eating. I noticed I do not get hungry on these pills. I have never really remembered dreams ever, so I do not have that side effect at all. Sleeping is getting worse, in terms of waking in the middle of the night or an hour before the alarm. I DO NOT HAVE ALCOHOL while taking this medication. I think it's way riskier with such a strong medication for the crazier side effects...:eek::dizzy: My quit date is on day 10. I find myself trying to stay busy to not go to my habitual places to smoke. Morning coffee out on the lanai(Live in Florida so no cold days:p) and when i get home from work. I do NOT smoke in my car or house. I will say though, When I do smoke, the "high", sensation, gratification, whatever you wanna call it, is no longer there. HUGE PLUS!!! Now it's the habits I need to work on. Thanks for all you guys putting on here of the things you do to help!!! :D

Here are my questions: How many days in, of taking Chantix, does the receptors close? Are you still getting any nicotine while still smoking on Chantix? I'm one that loves research but some reason, can't find these answers. Just curious!!

HUGE CONGRATS to all you out there that quit! I'm JEALOUS LOL!!!! :wave:

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