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It's just because it's a stimulant - you'll get used to it eventually - just try to take out or limit your caffeine and drink lots of water. Nicotine itself is a stimulant so you may not see any changes, but you will have dry mouth so you'll need water on hand or candy at all times. I did Zyban - same thing as wellbutrin a few years ago (tried to quit for others not myself so that's why it didn't work) and quit for a week or two, but ate everything in sight. I could smell sausage gravy 2 aisles away at work. LOL (laughin out loud)

Nicotrol is pretty good - you get to puff on a capsule of nicotine - has a little cigar tip, etc.. so at least you're holding something (boredom purposes) and u inhale the nicotine.

Once again - bottom line - you'll fight the urges when you want to quit smoking. I quit for 6 days a few weeks ago and then I KNEW I shouldn't have picked one up but did anyway. Make sure when you quit that you throw out your ashtrays/all cigarettes, etc... Make a list or go and buy Quitting Smoking for Dummies at barnes and nobles - it's help you prepare. You have to have a plan for when the urge, habit or boredom or whatever kicks in. I didn't have that plan but when I quit within the next week - I'll have it all together and will post to you each day to report. LOL

Good luck and god bless :) PRAY TOO - it helps

[QUOTE=wattagirl]just curious-i see some of you saying it causes you to not sleep at night-it seems like to me this would make you edgy and make you want to smoke-what do you do about the sleeping[/QUOTE]

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