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One of the hardest things I did in 2003 was stop smoking after 28 yrs and a heavy smoker at that. So;;;the nicotine was like a evil drug that kept me in turmoil, so first I went on a cut back program;;;Carlton 100's, 1 mg tar; 1 mg nicotine and was able to stand them for three months.....(slow down the yucky tar); ok; next Nicoderm CQ patch;;;21 mg;;;follow the program for the time;;then 14 mg stepdown and finally 7 mg. During this period I became dependent upon the 7 mg patch and could not get away from it; so I stayed on it a few more months; then cut it in half to 3.5 for one week and then the 3.5 in half to 1.5 for one week. and walked away; no cravings; no nothing. This whole process took 8 mos. Don't panic; throw away ashtrays; lighters; and prepare your mind first and do a long term step down program;;;this was the best way for a addicted smoker like me and it worked;;;I am freeeeeeeee. Now the cigs smell so bad; really stick and I do not want to be near one; food tastes great; everything smells good and the money I save; I buy clothes and shoes. Happy New Year;;;;try this method; if all else fails and take your time.. :)

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