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[QUOTE=Deda]Hi Marygr--

Thank you for coming here and posting your story. I think it's great when successful quitters come to these boards and give their 2 cents, it probably helps a lot of ppl that are thinking about quitting.

I think your approach to quitting is a real sensible one, and like you say for those that are severely addicted to smoking for a long time.
Like you, I smoked a long time, 30 yrs, subtract a few for the many times I quit.
Anyway, 3 months quit now using patches. Still on the large one, 21 MG, but not worried about tapering down yet. Funny thing is, how you mentioned when you got to the last one, the 7 MG one, that you cut those in half to 3.5 and then again to 1.5....I've always thought that when I get to that same point, that I would probably do the same thing. Thinking no one ever has done that, and then you come along. Hey, whatever works, and obviously your plan was a very good one for you.
Congrats again, and thank you for coming here and telling us.

[U]One more you ever crave at all anymore?[/U]
Best of luck and Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year too;;;by the way; my doctor said it was fine to stay on the 7 mg patches in an effort to stop panic attacks; I was on that one for the four months; when I cut them back in the end. I tried to walk away; but still had those cravings, and finally staying on them a while was the only way I could quit; but it worked....

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