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Has anyone else experienced tingling sensations and tenderness of the lips, cheeks, mouth, and tongue upon quitting smoking? Is it possibly due to nerve endings regrowing? It's interesting....
It's weird all these crazy symptoms we experience when we give up smoking - I had a bad throat for a few weeks and my b/f had the tingling lip thing!
Be glad that we do get signs because smoking has masked anything and everything since we've been smoking. NOW we can finally see what normally would've been going on so we can get any help if we need it.

YES YES YES I had major tingling in my legs/feet and I believe mine was all due to my blood coming back into my feet. It's no surprise since smoking shuts down and restricts blood flow or circulation - people have lost toes and fingers from smoking related circulatory diseases. My toes were BURNING on my night 3 of quitting smokin - talk about scary. That's enough right there to keep me away from them because if they were burning because the blood could finally squeeze it's way thru that narrow pass then if I would've kept on smokin - then eventually I prob. would've lost my toes. So much for cold feet at night anymore. LOL

Be thankful that we're quit :) Smoking masks a ton of things.
[QUOTE=Solstice1221]Has anyone else experienced tingling sensations and tenderness of the lips, cheeks, mouth, and tongue upon quitting smoking? Is it possibly due to nerve endings regrowing? It's interesting....[/QUOTE]

I know this is an old post, but I will share my recent experience with others. I recently quit.. yep, IM a newbie with one week under my belt. I started to experience tender gums. When I spoke to my Doctor about this, she told me that one of the additives in cigarettes has a numbing effect.

Now that I am not smoking, this effect is gone and now I have to slowly heal my gums, with proper brushing and dental hygiene.

IM taking quitting one day at a time. Been a few moments this past week where it has been one minute at a time.
19 and you got pleurisy?! Solstice, what exactly does that feel like? I hear it's horribly painful! No wonder you quit. And you are[B] VERY SMART [/B] to quit while you are SO YOUNG!!!! [B]WAY TO GO GIRL!!!![/B]Did having the flu cause it? You know, it's a wonder (when we're smoking) that we don't get all kinds of lung problems. If we keep smoking we will tho.

Oh!! And did everyone see on World News, (I think NBC) yesterday, the report on women and lung cancer? [B]SCARE-EY!!! [/B] More and more women are getting it than ever before! We chicks are TWICE as likely to get it as a man is!!!! Talk about descrimination!! It's just so [B]CRAZY[/B] for any of us to smoke with all of these reports coming out. [B]We're NUTS if we ever go back!!![/B]

Take care Solstice, and [B]DO NOT SMOKE AGAIN EVER!!!! [/B]
Same goes to ALL GIRLS/WOMEN/CHICKS out there!!!!!!

Hi Deda,
Pleurisy definitely sucks! It does hurt sooo bad. I think the flu caused it, but I might not have gotten it if I didn't already have asthma on top of it. I've been smoking since I was 13 or so. I was one of those 13 year olds that thought I was 19 at the age of 13, and now that I'm 19, I feel like I'm 30:) I've lived a life wayyyy beyond my years but that is besides the point. I'm glad I quit, too, as much as I miss cigarettes when a craving strikes, and I'm glad for you and Laurie and everyone else, too! Take care everyone.
I think I still have pleurisy. I was given cephalosporin ( I think that's how it's spelled) antibiotics. After ONE DAY I felt better, although I still had terrible pain. The pain feels like an extremely sharp, stabbing tightness when breathing/sneezing/coughing or anything like that. I have truly never been that sick before and it was scary. I saw my regular doctor the first day I had the pain. I had such a high fever and I was so weak that I was carried into the doctor's office. I probably should have went to the ER, now that I look back at it. My doctor didn't even seem too concerned! I've always heard how terrible pleurisy was, and with the pain I was in, I was quite concerned. They checked my blood oxygen level, and apparently, that was fine, and they told me I had the flu. On top of it, when I left the doc's office, I started throwing up! Boy did that hurt my chest! I did not see a pulmonary doctor but am planning to now that I'm not smoking. I used to see an allergist as well as a pulmonary specialist, but the pulmonary specialist refused to see me if I was going to keep smoking! I'm also planning on going back to an allergist. Also, my grandmother got pleurisy at the age of 19, kept getting it repeatedly throughout her lifetime, was a smoker, and died of emphysema. I've never met her. That, in itself, should have prompted me to quit a long time ago. It's crazy how cigarettes are so addicting. It's probably been about a week since I quit and as sick as I was, I crave cigarettes throughout my entire day. *Sigh* Anyway, I can resist. Sorry for the novel:) Take care.


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