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I TOTALLY DISAGREE NENOFURY - are you tryin to get people to smoke? Do you REALLY think that since Wanda only smokes once a week or whatever that it will not harm her????? ARE YOU NUTS? OF COURSE IT WILL!

If you had a magic wand or you were the Lord and you said - Oh you can do that and be fine and live til your 90 - happy and still able to do everything you'd be able to do if you didn't smoke, then I'd still say you're wrong!

No one knows which cancer stick will cause cancer. Just because she's not a pack a day smoker or whatever does not mean that she's safe from harm. There was just a show on oprah last night with a heart surgeon showing examples of how just ONE CIGARETTE KILLS YOUR BODY!

I don't envy any smoker! I don't care when you smoke or how much - a smoker is a smoker is a smoker!

Wanda - QUIT! The way to do it - yes I would stay away from the happy hour scene for a month if you have to. After two weeks - just try having one beer or even two. Heck - they had stuff on drinking too - just drink the neer beer or quit drinking. LOL If you have to drink, then you just don't smoke. The first time will be a little difficult, but you'll get used to it and this is coming from a prior 15 yr pack a day smoker. I can still drink - I just remember why it is I quit and don't hang with smokers. If they're around or any friends that smoke - I just stay out of their way and remind myself how nasty they smell - their hair, clothes, and esp. their breath.

Prayer works wonders as well :) We're here for you Wanda and don't listen to any negative talk because anyone that says it's ok to smoke doesn't need to be on this board in my opinion. Yes I'm harsh on that one sorry Neno but people tryin to improve their health doesn't need anyone out here hurting their health. It surely isn't helping them.

That's GREAT Wanda and TOO PROUD OF YOU!!!! :bouncing:

Yes sometimes we just have to change up a little bit in order to get the greatest good for us. Yes, I def. know what you mean about the stink. I was at the post office today at lunch and the lady in front of me had to have been a smoker because I was about ready to fall out from her stale smoke funk. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It really does stink worse than anything. I even hated the smell as a smoker - now it just intensified by 1000% since I can smell it even more now.

Keep it up and do what you have to do in order to not smoke. There's no reason that after maybe a month you can't have a drink. Just KNOW that you don't have to give up everything in your life just because you gave up smoking. Yes association takes a minute to get used to. I used to have a cig with my coffee every morning after leaving starbucks - I still get my coffee and just don't smoke but I still love my coffee. I told myself that I didn't have to make myself suffer doubly hard just because of one bad habit. Think about it because it's more psychological than you know.

The first time might be a little eh - but nothing you can't overcome. You just say no and choose to not smoke. But go for what you know and hey - nothing wrong with stopping drinking forever either. LOL

Best to you and keep up the good work :) Don't forget to keep coming out and posting - you can also help others. :)


PS: Thx Deda - great minds think alike ;)
I'm a little confused :confused: as to why you are all jumping on nenofury's back. Now I will confuse you as to why I am confused! The first time I quit smoking I made the mistake of only smoking when I drank which wasn't very often, but the mistake was not smoking. It was buying an entire pack of smokes which I usually didn't finish but couldn't give away (they are expensive you know!LOL) :D . I would then take them home and smoke them. The problem and relapse occurred when too many drinking events took place too close together, hence far too many smokes, far too many days in a row :nono: !

This time I have been quit for 9 months (guess you could argue that I haven't quit) and decided right off the bat that I would never purchase a pack of cigs again :nono: . When I would drink I would bum a smoke off someone. I then came to realise if I bummed one too early I might be tempted to bum another one later, then I would feel like a jerk for bumming everyone's smokes. So I decided to wait for as long as possible and usually by the time I worked up the courage to be a bum and ask for one it was too late and all the smokers were gone. I also started to notice that smokes tasted like crap and if you remember that taste you really don't want another one for a long while. I would say that I have probably smoked 10-12 smokes since I quit and knowing (at least in MY head) that I am only allowed to smoke when I am drinking keeps me from sneaking one here and there any other time(of course this would not be a good plan if I drank frequently! :angel: ).

Now, the thing I find odd about the critisism is that we are discussing how to not smoke harmful cigarettes while we are drinking harmful alcohol! And we are suggesting using the patch so we can keep on drinking! Is this post "How to quit smoking when drinking a beer?" or "how to keep drinking beer without smoking?" :jester:

I say quit buying smokes. It is quite humbling to have to ask someone for a smoke and most of the time I choose not to bother. If it only seems to bother you after several drinks maybe the problem isn't smoking, it may be finding the line in which to stop drinking. :blob_fire

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