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[QUOTE=Deda]I don't think it's unfounded propaganda that cigarettes do contain around 3000 harmful toxins or more. Even if it was only say, 500 known toxins I think it's too much. We all know that cigarette smoking is dangerous. Even 2nd hand smoke has been proven to be dangerous. Years ago smoking was allowed on air flights and guess what happened later...there were cases of airline stewerdess (who never smoked) that developed lung cancers/diseases. But our point here initially was that once we quit, that most of us usually have to stay completely off cigarettes to stay quit, as even an occasional cigarette will later lead us back to our full time habit, a pack a day or whatever.


There are about 600 additives in cigarettes. The 3000 number is totally made up. Not even the anti-smoking extremists says that. And they are not "toxins." Some of the man made additives are toxic in very high doses, but one would have to smoke thousands of cigarettes per day to reach that level. Many of these chemicals are also found in food, drinking water, and the air. My point being that cigarettes have met the same EPA guidelines as any other consumable. The fear among the anti-tobacco people is that once these additives are burned they become carcinogens. This has never been backed up by any scientific study. The "additives" argument is an assumption that is trumped up as fact. That is propaganda.

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