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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any success with Commit Lozenges? Have tried patches, gum ect....
Hello....anyone there? Has anyone tried Commit lozenges?..Would appreciate hearing any experiences....thanks!
Hi-ya Microwaveable--

I haven't heard of anyone on here (recently) using the Commit longezes. But I [B]do [/B] recall seeing it mentioned while browsing through the archives. You can do a search on these boards.
Just keep bumping up your message...someone will come along with some knowledge about them.

Good luck!! :)
Deda, thanks for the reply, I'll check the archives!
You're welcome MCWAble! Come to think of it, I did meet a lady at the lab, when I was getting a blood test. (she struck up a conversation when she saw my patch). Well, she said her daughter quit by using the longezes, and had been successful, even tho it had been 2 yrs since she quit, she was still using 2 longezes a day. Kind of like the patch and gum I think. Some of us linger on with those too. (Moi?)

Good luck,

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