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Re: Day #18
Mar 4, 2004
[QUOTE=Deda]Dave--Sometimes I had wondered if I got a bad patch that somehow missed getting the shot of nicotene when it was manufactured. :confused: Who knows. You could try removing that one and try another?? Maybe it was just your body chemistry that day. Did you sleep well the night before? Eaten well that day? Stress issues? Sometimes we just have a bad day, and have to expect that when we quit smoking.[/QUOTE]


I've also wondered the same thing about the possibilities of getting a "lemon-patch" every now and then. I will start taking off the patch in question and putting on a fresh one if this happens again.

I did not sleep very much the night before this happened and am sure that it did have something to do w/ this particular day.

Hope that you're doing well,


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