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Where ya at Bothrops? LOL Nice dog too :) I had a black lab growing up - labs and retrievers are awesome dogs - great with kids too. That's great :)

OK - cold turkey - you just do it. LOL Make a list of all the strong reasons that you're quitting - because trust me - when a craving comes around - it will make you think there's no good reason to stay quit. It's insane so the first 3 days are hell - prepare yourself and JUST SAY NO! I had to remind myself over and over again WHY it was so important to remain strong and not give in to it. I had a whole life ahead of me and wasn't about to let some damnnnn cancer sticks rob me of that. Ya know :bouncing:

After you get past the first 3 days - it's MUCH easier and manageable. Of course the first few days or the first week your every thought is consumed with smoking. But here I am at a lil over 5 months and going strong. I really don't want to pick it up again. I don't want to die, stink, or offend others with it. It really does stink. LOL Vanity reasons were a big one for me too - I didn't want added wrinkles (smoking has already given me enough from 15 yrs. pack a day smoking) or yellow teeth on top of it. I now look at others smoking that are much much older than myself and see how bad it is for them even. They're coughing - their teeth are soooo yellow and it doesn't even seem enjoyable for them anymore - it's like a robotic reaction for them to pick it up but they're just going thru the motions. I didn't want to be them.

Well if that's not enough to get you started..... LOL Let me know. LOL

Praying daily helped me dramatically as well - I truly believe that he got me through this and made it much easier for me. Fireballs and water helped me a lot as well - or cinnamon toothpicks or cinnamon sticks. :)

Best to you and whatever you do .... DO NOT SMOKE! :bouncing:


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