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[QUOTE=sakara33]Just wondering if anyone may know....I am on wellbutrin to help me to quit smoking, but the one thing is, that my doctor didn't explain when to stop smoking or if I needed to set a quit date, he didn't say anything but take it everyday. On April 17 will be a month since I started....just wondering what your doctors have told you.....I know every doctor is different, but anyway one other question.... I am very nervous about my heart I really want to....but my family (hubby and teenage boys) are not very supportive...I mean they are but there not, they harp on me to quit.... and when I do, (I do admit I get alittle on edge) and when they see that, they tell me to go smoke a cig. I really want to quit, but how do you get them to understand it doesn't matter what type of medicine your on, your still going to be alittle on edge with the withdraws from it....if I can make it past that part (with the support of my family, how do I get them to understand) then I know it will get better.... please help!!!! any input would be great...Thanks so much for your help...[/QUOTE]

My Doc told me to set a quit date and start using wellbutrin one week before I planed on quiting. In your case I would set a quit day withen a 7 day week and give it a shot. I only used welbutrin for three days and had to quit. It really messed me up, could not sleep, shakes etc.

Good luck

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