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[I][QUOTE=ImTrying]Hi all, I am very new to this forum. I just wanted some suggestions or advice regarding the nicotine withdrawal symptoms I've been experiencing. I quit smoking cold turkey (no patches, no gum) on 04-28-04, so it's been 1 week and a day. So far I have been feeling very tired, my right arm feels cold and numb (but co-workers touch it and tell me it's very warm), my right leg feels like it's heating up around evening time and the skin feels sensitive, and I've been getting some sharp muscle cramps and minor twitches in my legs and arms. I've been so worried sick about these symptoms, thinking something else is severely wrong, that my appetite is hardly there...has anyone felt this way or can someone tell me that I am not going crazy? My anxiety level is way up there and I feel like crying at night because I think I am severely ill. None of these symptoms occurred before I quit smoking. Another thing, I cut down my caffeine intake to practically nil this past Monday (I used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day) and I think that is also making me very jittery. I think what is worrying me the most are the muscle cramps and twitches...please someone help! Thanks :confused:[/QUOTE][/I]

Hey there, I'mtryin--

I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling too good, this sometimes happens when we quit. I think some of us are just more sensitive to what's going on in our bodies than other folks. For those muscle cramps and twitches, try taking a calcium and magnesium supplement daily, they work well for that, after it builds up.
I know what you mean about the caffiene withdrawls, that's hell too, :mad: especially when it's combined with the nicotene withdrawl! I myself would've tapered down on that coffee. You can buy the 50/50 coffee blend at the market, and it will cut your caffeine in half, and it still tastes very good! I was using that for years, and recently had to give up coffee for good, due to my acid reflux. :( Right now, I miss my coffee more than the cigs!!! No kidding!!
But you will get through it all, believe me. You are a very strong person if you can quit smoking, and cold turkey on top of that!
Just in case this goes on indefinitely, do go to your Dr. and run it by him. I have thyroid disease, (Hypo), and I have read and heard of people's thyroid symptoms showing up AFTER they quit smoking. Smoking masks a lot of pain and problems we might have not noticed until we do quit. It's just a simple blood test. I think you'll be fine, but just wanted to make you aware of that, just in case. :)
Congratulations on your quit, and welcome to the "club". Hope to see you around often!

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