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Hi Jessica--

Was just ready to leave the board and saw your post. :)
Yes, my husband is like you, in that he's a little bit addicted to the nic gum too. He quit smoking 14 months ago, after smoking about a pk a day, for 36+ years or so. He quit with the gum, and he's still chewing it. He did quit the gum about 2 or so months ago, (can't remeber for sure), and I could tell he was miserable without it. He seemed really stressed. So after about a month, I went out and bought him another big box of it. I brought them home, and cut them into 2 piece packs, put them in a tupperware container, and tucked them away where he didn't know where they were at. Everyday I layed out 2 pieces for the day. And he said that he felt so much better, even with only those 2 pieces. Well, I was out of town for a week, and forgot to tell him where they were, but of course he found them. So he's chewing about 4 a day. To me it's still better than him smoking, and I feel eventually he'll be ready to "let go". He says he LOVES the taste of it. (Regular flavor) It's not harmful like smoking, but I did run it by a dentist one time, who told me that there's a good chance it will give him TMJ. He's not too worried about it. I'm just happy that he doesn't smoke, and this has been his longest quit!
I wouldn't worry too much about it right now, Jessica. Once you have your cigarette addiction resolved and you are feeling strong, then you can taper off the gum.
Congratulations on quitting again!

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