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Hi Retiree and Deda :)

Thanks Retiree, I tried with a steak knife and it did cut well. I'm glad to see we can do this. It saves money, and that's always nice. I have cut patches in half even though the box tells you not to do that but I think they work just as well and I don't think it's fair that you have to pay the same amount of money even when there's less nicotine. I've been getting the 2 mg lozenges lately but I'll buy the 4 mg next time and cut them. I tried 1/2 of the 2 mg lozenge today to see if it will last as long. I think it did so this should work well. Thanks again Retiree! :wave:

Deda, I had the same problem trying to get to this page on this thread earlier today. I think the board was having problems. I'm glad to see that it's fixed.
The lozenges are around 1/2 inch, I guesstimate ?? (What would you say Retiree???) If I have any trouble, I'll go get a pill cutter as you have both suggested.

Take care, both of you! :)

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