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Hi Bernice

I wanted to reply to your thread. I did try the patch once, but it did absolutely nothing for me, and I went back to smoking. I finally quit cold turkey 3 months ago with the help of an occasional 2mg nicorette gum. I knew a girl I work with who could not take Zyban. She couldn't sleep. Why don't you try cold turkey if you're worried about any symptoms? If you could make it a week, you're home free. The nicotine goes out of your system within a couple days. THe hardest is the mental habit, but that goes away after a while also. Good Luck!!!
[QUOTE=Bernice]I've been smoking for about 22 years. I want to quit. I tried to quit a few times before but I can't do it on my own. Emotionally, I can do without the cigs but physically, I get the nictorine withdrawal symptoms. My husband is going on Zyban and I'm going on the patch. Has anyone tried one or both? What can you tell me about it? Which one worked for you? Did you have nightmares if you wore the patch to bed? Did the patch make your heart race? I heard that can happen but I talked to a pharmacist and he said that cigs does that too. Are you prone to have seizures if you take Zyban? Which I also heard. Any information on these will be appreciated.

The patch didn't really work for me. Zyban/Wellbutrin (same drug, different names, one is covered by insurance and the other isn't), on the other hand, did work. I screwed up and started smoking again during a period when I lost a lot of relatives and had a lot of stress going on, but I just went on Wellbutrin again and am now on day 5 of not smoking. You'll still get cravings, but nothing like if you go cold turkey, and you'll probably find that even *before* you quit, you'll just find that you're not really getting that "fix" out of the cigarettes anymore and that you don't really want to finish them. I highly recommend the Zyban approach, but that's just me.

As far as vivid dreams, yes, I had them with the patch, but I have them with the Wellbutrin, and I have them with nothing at all. They're just more vivid with the patch or with Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin/Zyban shouldn't be used by people who are *already* prone to seizures, I believe, but I don't know if it itself makes one prone to seizures. I can't recall if I had heart palpitations/racing with the patch, so if I did, I guess they weren't too bad.

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