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I think I like it better than the patch because it works more like a cigarette, you get the nicotine when you use a lozenge. I myself, couldn't use the patch because of allergic reactions I had to the adhesive. The nice thing about the lozenge is you can't eat when you're using it. You use it 15 minutes after food or drink and it can last over an hour. You plant it between the teeth and the side of the mouth and move it around every once in awhile. They have the 4 milligram and the 2 milligram. A little secret, they are the same price so I buy the 4 and cut in half. It works just as well. You can buy them anywhere you buy the patches. They are probably cheapest at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club but they also have them at drug stores. I do prefer them over the patch but that's just me :)
Good Luck with your quit!
Cindy :)

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