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Aug 21, 2004
[FONT=Georgia]I have read the posts regarding quitting smoking. I too smoked for 20+ years. I woke up one morning and decided this has to stop if I want to be around for my four children. I went to the store and purchased the 4mg Commit Lozenge, made by the maker's of Nicorette gum. The next day I tore up my last four cigarettes and threw them away.......that was liberating. I did not feel owned by a dirty habit. I have not smoked now for 8 weeks and I don't have the urge to either. The Commit lozenge has made it so easy and without all the side affects that you would get from taking zyban, welbutrin, and the patch. The patch gave me nightmares and panic attacks and drove me back to smoking.
So for any one that wants to quit, and has the desire to finally say "I AM DONE" the commit lozenge will work. But truly, you have to have the mind set of knowing and saying I am done or you will not succeed.
Have any of you tried the lozenge, if so, how did it work for you? :)[/FONT]

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