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Day 2 of my quit is coming to an end & I couldn't have done it w/o my nicotine replacement (Commit Lozenges). I am 21 and have smoked 1/2 my life (yes, since the age of 11) anywhere from 1/2-pk to pk-a-day. I didn't realize just how addicted I was until I attempted to quit (Jan 1st). The withdrawals were unbearable, and though I tried, I doubt I would have had success w/ the cold turkey method. There is nothing wrong w/ using a nicotine replacement and gradually breaking the addiction. It helps tremendously w/ the physical withdrawals/mood swings and isn't such a "shock" to your body. Supposedly, people are twice as likely to stay quit w/ nicotine replacement, so I've read. Also, you're not getting the tar and carbon monoxide and all the other toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Your lungs can begin to heal as you slowly wean your brain off the drug.

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