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I quit smoking 5 months ago. The first 2 days were ok and I really didn't want a cig. The 3rd day, I was about to give in. I wanted a cig so bad but what helped me was a hotline in our state. I called them and they said the reason I was craving a cig bad was because the nicotine was out of my system and my body didn't know how to react. Something my body was used to having, wasn't getting anymore. So they helped a lot. After that, I've had cravings some days worst than others. Heck, I still have cravings but they don't last long and they're not that bad. I also think of people on oxygen and that makes me not want a cig. I also quit smoking cold turkey which I think is harder. The patch makes you not have the cravings. I gained 30lbs since I quit smoking. After eating and instead of a cig, I put more food in my mouth. I needed something in my mouth. I've tried gum and hard candy but it just wasn't doing it for me. Now that I have smoking under control, I started my diet. I lost 9lbs and I want to lose another 15lbs. I went off my diet today but I'll go back on it tomorrow. Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do and I really didn't think I could do it, let alone going cold turkey. But I did. I don't cough anymore. I can smell better. My husband quit smoking 6 months ago and he used Zyban and that worked for him. Find what you think will work for you and then go for it. Is there a hotline you can call to help you quit? Good luck.


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