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Re: The patch?
Jan 17, 2005
Good for you Betty! You're right....they are costly but I truly believe the benefit outweighs the cost. I'll tell you a little secret.....I actually continued buying the stronger ones since they're the same price and just cut them in half right before wearing when it came time to step down in nicotine. It saved money and seemed to work well. If you can afford them, you're better off not doing this. Just letting you know, there are always ways around the expense. :) I don't see how they could be dangerous since you are used to putting nicotine in your body. If you are concerned, I recommend you see your doctor. If you were to use more than one kind at a time (ie., patches and gum), then it is a must that you ask your doctor first. One more thing, alot of people have trouble sleeping at night when they leave the patch on. I was one of those people. I suggest taking it off a little while before going to bed and putting a fresh one on first thing when getting up. Also, make sure you put the patch on in a different spot each day. The directions will explain everything you need to know. I hope everything goes well for you. I will be away from a computer after tomorrow because we are traveling across country and wont be back on-line until the end of this month but I will check in to see how you're doing when I get back. Please continue coming to this board....there are alot of people here who know what you're going thru and can be very helpful! I quit smoking over 9 months ago after smoking 35 years. You can do it too!!!!!!
Good luck to you Betty! You can do it!
Cindy :)

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