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I am so excited. This is only my 3rd day without a cigarette & I've got so many positive changes going on inside my body that NOBODY told me about :) My BP before quitting hovered around 140/90 (which was a large reason for quitting, but I was told to not expect a significant drop). Well, over the last two days, my BP has read 125/83 & 116/81!!!!! My heart rate dropped from the mid 80's to the mid 60's & my anxiety problems are gone. I feel great! I mean, I still really want a cigarette & I'm still not up to my normal concentration levles, but all of these positive changes in how my body is acting is such a positive reinforcement for me to stay quit!

I just thought I would share that quitting smoking can do more than just make you smell better!! I HONESTLY had no idea it would help my BP & HR that much and I really didn't know how much better my anxiety would be :)

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