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Please at least consider some form of nicotine replacement to help take the edge off your cravings. You'd be surprised how it helps.[/QUOTE]

Definately, i have been looking into the Commit Lozenges, I actually only smoked that one cigarete in the post above, it was the last of the pack and I have not smoked since. So going on about 29 hours now as of this post. Had a few cravings today, but managed to control them. Then again today was not as stressful as yesterday.

I really want to do this with no meds, patches or alternatives, I want to see how strong willed i am to quit. I have decided that i will not take any Lozenges unless i am to the point of going crazy.

One question i do have, there is a recomnded method of taking Lozenges, i think one every 2-3 hours. I am just wondering do people follow that?? or do they just take it when they get really bad craving ??


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