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Hi Yock- -

Yeah, I know, does take some ppl a long time to feel normal again after they quit, especially if they have the hypo/hashi's too. That other place I was telling you about, (thyroid), was there last night, and someone started another post about quitting smoking with hypo, and how ill they became. Right away, a bunch of ppl posted that they went through the same woman said it had been years and she never felt well again, but she still didn't smoke. It seems to be common with thyroid problem. Give it time though, and I really think your metabolism will straighten itself out, and then you'll feel some relief. Just try to keep your exercise and good diet going at the same time. Keep a close eye on those free T levels too. I hope you will feel well soon. It's hard I know at this stage of our lives to go through meno, hypo and quitting all at once. Must throw our poor bodies into such shock! Keep us posted okay?
Best to you...

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